Works In Progress

Current Works in Progress.  

Though, I must confess, Immortal Dance was going to be renamed No Shame for the Wicked as soon as I thought of the Title. It just fits the book. And, I'm happy to announce, Stiletto Hell-Bound (still toying with the spelling here) and Hot on the Hells of Hell have found a home amidst future WIPs in my Luri Immortal Series. 

Also, Her Deadly Package - which never seemed right - is renamed, as well. Cause now I can't get a transvestite out of my mind (LMAO). I don't see the new name lasting, but it's bound to be better then HDP. 

No Shame for the Wicked (Newly Named)
Written as: Jacee Drake
Luri Immortal Novel 1
Paranormal Romance
Word Count:54,000
Status: Revisions & Editing

One Sentence:
Lorena and Luc battle supernatural element while fighting their growing attraction to one another.

Broken Edge (Working Title)  Carlee & John
Written as: Samantha Dean
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 
Status: Character Development

Carlee and John are reunited - unwillingly while the hunt the killer targeting woman like Carlee. 

Marissa & Nate (Springtime Anthology)
Written as: Jacee Drake
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 523
Status: Final Plot stages, First Draft

Something happens to world renowned thief, Marissa that has never happened before. She's caught in the middle of a job. And Nate will do anything to retrieve the precious artifact that was stolen from him boss.

Secret Denied (Working Title) 
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 42K
Status: Soon to Be Revived


Hunter's story that I've decided to revive. Summary to come!