About Me

I write Romance with sub-genre’s in Suspense, Paranormal and the occasional Contemporary. I’m the kinda girl that has to have that happily-ever-after... even if it’s only hinted at.

My current “active” works in progress consists of one Paranormal Romance called “No Shame for the Wicked” and two Romantic Suspense -both working titles - one called “Secret Denied” and the other titled “Broken Edge”. And, of course, I have countless others that are saved in the respective folders waiting for my attention, as well.

Romantic Suspense is my main love, with Paranormal Romance a fairly recent obsession. “No Shame for the Wicked” is my first WIP in that genre. “Secret Denied” is one of my early novels that I abandoned as I grew but the WIP didn’t. After participating in a Blogfest, I’ve decided to revive it because the characters are still so strong in my mind. “Broken Edge” is a WIP that is in the character development stage. But, I’m most excited about my next Paranormal Romance WIP, which I’m hoping to plot out further and develop characters on sometime in the near future.

I began writing my first “stories” some twelve years ago. Before I had internet, before I had a computer... simply jotting them down in notebooks, binders, and folders. Life happened and I had to move past my dreams of becoming a published author. Over the course of the next seven years I simply dabbled in writing. Then I found a wonderful website called eHarlequin.com and my passion was rekindled. Suddenly it was possible for me to get published. Since then, I’ve spent the last five years learning everything I can about writing while working on current WIPs.

I love the creativity of writing, but hate the mechanics of it. Grammar is not my thing. I know what sounds right, but not why. I believe that is my greatest challenge as a writer. Trying to learn the “why’s” behind writing. Being Bipolar and ADD makes for interesting times of staying on one project but when I finally get to publication, it’ll be that much sweeter from the struggles.

You can find me on my critique groups blog, Critique_This_WIP or on Twitter. I’m always open to honest opinions, so feel free to be yourself with me.

Jacee Drake