Tuesday, April 5

Don't Forget Me While You're Gone...

It's harder than you think to quit using things you've learned. It's hard for me not to nit-pick every detail as I surge forward with this new idea I’m working on. It's even harder not to go back to my previous MS(s) and start from there. But I'm determined to flesh out this new idea and turn it into a first draft.

While I'm not making great headway on it, I am doing pretty well. I think the scenes I’m writing right now will mostly be backstory that won’t make it into the first draft but instead gives me insight into my two main characters. As long as the words come freely I’ll let my creativity flow as it wants. Doing it this way feels less stressful already.

That’s the key for me… just letting the information flow. Quit thinking. Which isn’t as easy as some people make it appear O_o I'll catch myself stopping and thinking "Would such a thing be possible?" or "Would this character really act that way?" and I have to put a lid on those voices and just go with the scene as it happens. It's not easy; actually it's damn hard, since those are such important questions. But right now they're just road blocks to trip me up. Working on mostly backstory helps keep a lid on those voices.

I'm riding the magic carpet ride of writing, trying to not have a care in the written world. As I said, that’s a lot easier said than done

*Whoosh* Away I go without a backwards glance.

What do you do to get that first draft banged out? How hard is it for you to let go of the "rules" for the first draft?


Sarah Allan said...

Good luck with your new MS! Sometimes it is really hard to stop over-thinking things, but it can make things so much easier. I'm glad this one is working out well for you.

xoxo Sarah

Mara Nash said...

Jacee!!!!! Welcome back! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what the heck happened to you.

Yes, slogging through that first draft can be challenging. I'm halfway through a sci-fi right now. But trust me, revisions are a lot worse. Just when you think it's perfect...it's not. The pain is excruciating.

And now querying? Even worse than that. I haven't been this chronically depressed in ages. Lol.

So enjoy the first draft. It's the most fun of all!

(how's that for encouraging?!)

Jacee Drake said...

@Sarah - Thank you! I'm still very hopeful with this new idea. :D

@Mara - Hey, woman! Things got hectic for a while and then I lost internet when I moved for about two months (I REALLY HATE where I live now. It's stopped me from getting my Directv - stupid trees - and took two weeks of fighting to get phone wire connected).

I still have revisions for No Shame but I'm staying away from that one until I get my head back in the game again. That's why I'm starting fresh.