Thursday, April 21

Crashed Hard Drive... Oh, no!!

Last week something happened to me that has NEVER happened before. And not in a good way, let me tell you.

Right in the middle of working on a blog post my computer - which isn't even two years old yet - started freezing up. I don't mean glitchy and choppy... no, no, no. All out freeze up where even the mouse wouldn't move on screen.

Every time I'd get the computer up and running and opened my Word again... BAM. Freeze up! After several attempts to reboot and many messages later, it's been determined (I think) that my hard drive is about to crash. Or - as my computer put it - hard drive crash is imminent.

Thank goodness my mother knows more about computers then I do. I bought a new hard drive and sent my computer home with her. The hard drive finally has come in the mail and all that's let is to cross my fingers and pray that my mom can clone my old hard drive to my new one. Otherwise I'm royally screwed. Not only will I lose most of my writing related stuff, I'll lose all my bookmarks and all my kids recent pictures. This waiting is killing me!

But at least I'm not without a computer at all. I have my laptop and we have my husband's computer but I haven't saved any new stuff on my laptop and my husband's computer doesn't even have Word installed on it!!!

I'm sure there are ways, or steps, I could have taken to not be stuck in this position but I can't stress enough that this computer isn't even two years old! I've had a computer (not the same one) for the last decade, at least, and never once have I had something like this happen. How could I have known that a less-than-two-year-old computer would break my streak???


And since I'm on my husband's computer today this post is completely unedited so now y'all get a taste of my randomness.


Babydoll said...

I've had three harddrives crash on me. Once I lost some stories I was working on and this last time I've lost some pictures from a trip I took this summer, but I may be able to get them back. It's not a fun experience.

Jacee Drake said...

My goodness, three times!! Bless your heart!

I have my fingers crossed for ya on the pictures. I'm still waiting to see if my hard drive can be cloned. I should know something tomorrow.

Ruby said...

It seems that your mom knows a thing or two about computers! Was she able to fix it? Dealing with a crashed PC can be a pain, as you worry even more about your files and documents. Just to be safe, back up your files so you have another copy in the event of another PC crash.[Ruby Badcoe]