Wednesday, March 30

A Quick "Hello Again"

I know... I know. I've been gone for 5 months (or something along those lines). Some of you probably forgot all about me. Hell, maybe I did a little, too. With everything going on, I think I could have forgotten my kids. Or was that wishful thinking. O_o

Oh, I'm teasing. Mostly.

If it weren't for a lovely, yet concerned, email from Elizabeth, I probably wouldn't have realized how long I'd actually been gone. So I've returned from the dead, so to speak. Brain dead. I could sit here and list a ton of excuses for my absence, but - really - why bother. I was gone, I'm back now, and the only thing left to do is get back in the groove of writing and posting on a regular schedule.

So this is me, sticking my toe in the water and testing the temperature. I'll be back soon to dive right in.

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