Thursday, March 31

Getting Back to Basics

"The More I Learn, the Less I Know"

I know I've heard that phrase somewhere, and man, does it have to be quite so true?? Back before I learned the techniques of writing - and there is PLENTY for me to still learn - I had great creativity. Ideas where everywhere, characters danced in my head... it was a great life. All I had to do was jot them all down and work on my current MS. I rarely dealt with writer's block, of course I rarely stayed with one MS long enough to get any blockage.

In trying to fix that problem I slammed head first into a dozen more. Now I worry about pacing, character development, GMC, the hero's journey.... blah, blah, blah. All during my first draft. And I think that's where my problem is. Yeah, of course I should worry about all that some, but I am a natural born pansters, and I've bound and gagged my creativity so much it's rebelled against me. I need to just get back to the basics. Enjoy writing again. Let it flow from my fingers and worry about all the details AFTER I get that first draft banged out.

So this is me. Getting back to the basics. Back to when I knew more and less at the same time.


Dawn Embers said...

Good idea. The first draft is allowed to suck so let it. Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics and just write.

Colene Murphy said...

Here here! It's hard to shut all that out and just write what you imagine and enjoy. You can do it!!

Jacee Drake said...

@Dawn - I think I forgot that somewhere along the way of looking for perfection. I have to remind myself that no one is perfect. :D

@Colene - Yes, it is! Thanks for the vote of confidence! :D

Arlee Bird said...

I am now following.

Sometimes the work gets in the way of the play. It's nice to have fun with writing.

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