Sunday, September 5

Sunday Update

Well, I'm actually posting on a Sunday before I go to bed. Though I barely did any writing or editing on No Shame (I may have added nearly 1,000 words), I do feel as if I accomplished a great deal this week.

I spent my week off from edits preparing for next weeks edits (plot holes, changes, etc). I've also taken care of about 98% of everything needed for the Muse Online Writer's Conference. I've made a few changes here on my blog, as well as begun a website that is only about 25% of the way complete.

I've added another personal blog to my list. It's just starting out... literally. One post is all it has right now. :( But that will change. It'll be my more... *clears throat* adult blog. Feel free to swing by over there and become a follower on it, as well. You can find the link to it on the right sidebar of this blog or on my on my profile.

Starting this coming up week I'll have at least one evening off each week. The new season of Sons of Anarchy starts on Tuesday so I'll be un-contactable (yeah, I know it's not a real word :D) during that hour every week.


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