Wednesday, September 8

Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Usually you don't see video's on my blog. Mainly because I have satellite internet which has wickedly low daily download restrictions (hate it!!!), but also because there just aren't too many that I feel compelled to share. But in this case, I just had to make an exception!

The trailer to Alpha by Rachel Vincent gets special treatment. Rachel is holding an awesome contest at her blog. Post the trailer of Alpha on your blog for the chance to win an early, signed copy of Alpha.

Since I absolutely love her werecat series with Faythe, and since Alpha (obviously) is the only book I'm missing from that series, I'm posting the trailer, crossing my fingers, and hoping for that early, signed copy.



Melissa said...

This looks really cool! Good luck!

Jacee Drake said...

Thanks :D I'm trying to cross my toes, but they keep cramping up. :D