Sunday, August 22

Sunday Update

I've fallen short of my weekly goal of 10K edits for my first week of self-imposed deadlines. I've had two teenage boys, a pre-teen boy, and a toddler princess in my house for the last two days. I'm damn fortunate that I got the 1,000 words wrote/edited that I did.

Here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm 3,505 words short of 10K. Granted it's still early; we're about to have dinner. I'm sure I could pound out another 1 or 2 K if I ate at my desk and kept my ass in the seat and my hands on the keyboard before turning in tonight. Possible more if I decided to stay up a little later.

But, you know what. I don't think I will. I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished considering I came up with the plan mid-week and had to make up for a couple of non-editing days.

Besides, next weekend is my mother's weekend with the kids, so I'm hoping to get some major numbers behind me then. And I always seem to be able to work better when the two older ones are in school (I have the toddler princess on the waiting list for the three year old head-start in town. How great would that be? Four whole hours to myself!!! WooHoo).

PS: Isn't the TEEHEE kitty just adorable!

Have you reached your personal goals or hopes this week? Do you forgive yourself when you fail?


Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

I haven't set any personal goals -- I normally don't unless I've been in the swing of things (takes me awhile to get into the writing groove, and have to be able to write every day for that to happen.) but once I am, I usually do set a goal. "Write 2K every day until it's finished." or something like that.

Forgiving myself? Kinda. Normally I'm way disappointed, but yeah. I do forgive myself.

I LOVE the pictures -- especially the dog one -- it's just so cute!

And congrats on what you've done so far. It's progress. ;)

L'Aussie said...

Setting personal goals is important as someone once told me that if you aim at nothing you're sure to hit it, but I find life always gets in the way if I make my goals too specific. You're doing well. Love the pics. Teehee kitty is cute but I dearly love the little doggie!

Melissa said...

COngratulations on what you have accomplished. Life is hard and gets in the way constantly.

Hopefully your princess gets in, four hours in a LONG time in writer world.

I was supposed to finish my MS by tonight. I didn't. But, you know what? I'm okay with it. Surprisingly.

Suzie said...

Ashelynn: I was out of the groove for quite some time. I finally go my groove back and went for the goals! lol Usually I'm way less forgiving on myself for failing to meet a goal, but since I had this weeks goals the same as last, I figured I could use a break. I came close. :D And Thank You, it is progress. :D

L'Aussie: I agree with you. I aimed at nothing a few days and succeeded perfectly. :D

Melissa: Oh, four hours would be GLORIOUS!!!! How my kids ages are spaced each year that my child was headed to kindergarten, I was pregnant with the next. After I finally got my babygirl I fixed that from happening anymore. Now I'm ready for school days! I'll accept four to start with >:)

I think it's important to sometimes be okay with missing a personal deadline. Sometimes. I tend to be harder on myself than anyone else could be, so I have to remind myself that I'm only human, I have three kids, and life gets hectic sometimes. And that's okay. :D

Ya know, it's really sad. I was in the middle of responding to everyone when I just got up, walked out the door intent on simply paying a gas bill. I ended up driving out of town, forgot I left the computer going with my comments window open and mid-comment and spent a couple hours hangin' out with my bestie. Sheesh, I can get flaky when sidetracked. :D

RaShelle said...

Hey Suzie - I love the teehee kitty. Oh my goodness. I must have her!!! Must. Must. Must. Wow, I'm al right now. You did awesom!!!! I'm impressed. Great going. I need to set goals. My kids are back in school and 10,000 words a week would be AMAZING!!!

Nicki Elson said...

O my, what did that puppy do wrong? He looks so guilty...

The purpose of goals is to keep you moving forward. You did, so you win. :)