Monday, August 30

Sunday Progress: Yep... On a Monday

No Shame for the Wicked Update:

I've changed and updated my personal deadlines on my previous post. Since finding OneNote I have spent a considerable amount of time getting everything put inside my No Shame for the Wicked notebook. I finally reached the 35K of my edits (not sure about total word count. I haven't added it yet).

Adding all my information into OneNote I've found a few plot holes and some character inconsistencies that I'm now able to fix before I get to far into my edits. And I can feel that the story is now stronger and better.

Safe house Info
True to my desire to better my MS and enter every bit of information I can about No Shame for the Wicked into OneNote that I can, I'm using this week to update OneNote. No edit goals this week, though I know I'll still edit. I can't just not write anything. That would drive me insane.


Anthology Update:

Also this week, I'm slowly adding more info for my Anthology too. Using OneNote with my anthology - actually putting the info in before I write - will be my first attempt at using OneNote early on. I can't wait to see how much more convenient it is. I haven't completed the plotting process yet, but I am adding the locale's, cars, characters, and plot points - thus far - and I'm happy with how smoothly it's running.

I really need to start toying around with for a title for my Anthology (even a working title) because just calling it "anthology" or Marissa and Nate is getting rather boring to me. Once I have a little more info of the MS I'll post and ask ya'll to help me come up with a name for it. Lord knows I'll need the help. :)

And don't forget... Wednesday I have a post coming up on CTW about getting organized.


M. Bail said...

Way to go!

Suzie said...

Thanks, Margaret! :)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I had to buy a new computer recently, thanks to a computer hacker, but my new machine has OneNote on it. Now I'm very curious. I'm just starting a new book. Perhaps I'd better check it out. Thanks!