Wednesday, August 11

Muse Online Conference 2010: Cost - FREE!

I stumbled across this... um, somewhere while I was traipsing through blogger-land, and I just had to share it with all of you, my writer friends.

That's right! A FREE online writer's conference! (As long as you register before the deadline. After the deadline there is a $5 fee).
*see, I even added a quick link for easy access*

But hurry, because the deadline is August 15th . Here, let me explain. Or rather, let me quote their home page:

Registration is now open for our October 11 - 17, 2010 Conference!
Deadline to register is August 15, 2010. Don't delay! Register today!

No matter where you live, what you write, at what point you are in your writing career, you'll find a workshop that fits your needs during our weeklong conference.

No hidden costs. Our conference is FREE, but we do ask for donations to help support this site and our cause - to continue offering you FREE workshops each year.

And this is on the registration page:

Date of conference: October 11 - 17, 2010

Registration deadline: August 15, 2010

First 1000 writers who register before deadline pay no fee. If more than 2000 register before the deadline, hey, we're happy and will give you a FREE pass.

Registering after the deadline, however, a small fee of $5.00 will be enforced, payable via Paypal. More info will be included in the FAQ, which is currently in the construction stage.

622 - 674 - 805 - 890 - 934
Either way, you can't beat it. An online writer's conference for free (or five bucks!). Still not sure? Okay, I'll feed ya more tidbits.

Please make sure to place your membership in INDIVIDUAL EMAILS because the registration group is not an interactive group - only posts by me. If you don't then you will miss updates and calls for upcoming pitch sessions and workshops offered throughout the year.

This is part one. Before the 2010 conference begins you will get an info email with the final stage before the conference begins. This stage includes the agenda and time table of the workshops along with your agenda handout to fill out.

Directly after that quote on the registration page you'll see a address site for a yahoo group. Now, I've never attended a writer's conference of any kind, much less one online. But, hey, it's free... what can it hurt? I, for one, am super stoked!


Melissa said...

This is cool, thanks. Have you heard about WriteOnCon? It's happening right now and is free and so far, really awesome!

Suzie said...

I'll have to go check that one out! Thanks, Melissa!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Crap! Just missed it!

Are you a writer? Then you MUST enter this CONTEST!

Slushpile Slut said...

Awww Man! I'm bummed I missed the freebie membership but hey it sounds like it's def worth $5. Thanks for posting :)

Suzie said...

Personally, I think it's most def worth the $5. They already started the list of editors and agents that you can pitch to and I'm super excited for the pitch part of the conference to begin!