Wednesday, August 18

The Light at the End of This Tunnel!

Things are going pretty damn good, finally!

Things are looking up. I'm back in the groove of editing. I found a doctor that is happily doing her job. I've even managed to work out a schedule that will - hopefully - keep me on track with my edits and have No Shame for the Wicked completely done and ready for submission by mid-September.

Which will be in time for the Muse Online Writers Conference.

Each Sunday - which is the end of the week for me, not the beginning - I'll post an update to my progress.

And this is what my new set of goals look like:

Edits for No Shame: 1,429 Words a Day @ 10K a week for the next 5 weeks... which breaks down like so: (Goal should be met by date listed) Updated due to Plot Changes 8-28

August 29th
: 35K

September 5th: Synopsis, Outline, and OneNote completed

September 12th: 45K

September 16th : 55K

September 19th: 65K

September 26th: 75K

Character and Plot development - and first draft - for Springtime Romance Anthology (Since the submission isn't actually due until November 1st I'm a little more lenient/less disciplined with the Anthology - for now):

September 5th: Finish Character Development, Sketches, and Back Story

September 12th: Complete Plot development and begin outline

September 19th: Complete Outline

September 26th: 15K Words Wrote

October 3rd: Complete first draft/begin edits.

And let's not forget about Carlee and John's story that I have burning a whole through my brain. Since it's not on any submissions (yet) I'll see how these goals work out before I add that story in the mix.

EDITED & ADDED: I just had an awesome idea! Since I'm now a NaNo addict (last year was my first) and I haven't wrote a single word on Carlee and John, just simply plotted. I'll save their novel for NaNo! I have to plot the novel before NaNo starts and if I tried a new novel I would have to start the plotting at least by mid-October (at least!!). So, now I know what Carlee and John's place in my life will be for the next two and a half months! They're sidelined until November 1st! Oooohhhh, they are gonna be soooo ticked off. :)

Since I'm having these wonderful insights mid-week -does writing insights ever hit at a good time?- things will be a wee bit different this week. I'll have to push for more like 2K words edited on No Shame. Which is why I didn't add Springtime Romance until the end of next week.

Which shouldn't be a big deal. On good days I can edit an entire chapter (roughly 5K words), but I can't do that everyday (luv ya kiddos!) so I'm hoping a 2K a day/1429 a day goal helps on days that I can't edit the way I want to.

Plus it should give me motivation to get it done, especially if I know that I'm not going to meet my self-imposed deadlines.

What's your experience with self-imposed deadlines? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Tolerate 'em? Are you a X amount of pages/words a day kinda person? Or just write what you write and not care how many words or pages you put out?


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzie - Great blog!

Ugh, deadlines. Good on you for setting and sticking to your self-imposed deadlines. I love deadlines - especially being crushed under a tight one. For some reason it sharpens everything into tunnel-vision focus for me. Give me too much time and I'll lollygag arout until its crunch time.

Yet, the self-imposed deadline never seems to work too well for me. Hmm...

I often plan to write on X day and put out X words, but it never seems to happen that way. So I really just try to write a bit each day. Sometimes its epic, sometimes its just a word-shuffle session.

PS - I did the "I Write Like" analyzer and got Stephen King as well! Tres cool! :-)

Suzie said...

I'm a huge lollygagger! Internet is a drug for me. I use the excuse of I'm "researching" but even I don't believe it. :)

These deadlines are a huge help to me. But today I've stumbled on an issue and cut a 1600 word chunk from my MS. Now I have until this evening to get those 1600 new words wrote or I'll be behind today.

I entered three different chunks of my writing in the analyzer for analysis because I was thinking "no way I could possibly write like Stephen King". All three came back as Stephen King. I was all like "hell yeah!"

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And being a follower, of course! :)