Monday, August 30

Sunday Progress: Yep... On a Monday

No Shame for the Wicked Update:

I've changed and updated my personal deadlines on my previous post. Since finding OneNote I have spent a considerable amount of time getting everything put inside my No Shame for the Wicked notebook. I finally reached the 35K of my edits (not sure about total word count. I haven't added it yet).

Adding all my information into OneNote I've found a few plot holes and some character inconsistencies that I'm now able to fix before I get to far into my edits. And I can feel that the story is now stronger and better.

Safe house Info
True to my desire to better my MS and enter every bit of information I can about No Shame for the Wicked into OneNote that I can, I'm using this week to update OneNote. No edit goals this week, though I know I'll still edit. I can't just not write anything. That would drive me insane.


Anthology Update:

Also this week, I'm slowly adding more info for my Anthology too. Using OneNote with my anthology - actually putting the info in before I write - will be my first attempt at using OneNote early on. I can't wait to see how much more convenient it is. I haven't completed the plotting process yet, but I am adding the locale's, cars, characters, and plot points - thus far - and I'm happy with how smoothly it's running.

I really need to start toying around with for a title for my Anthology (even a working title) because just calling it "anthology" or Marissa and Nate is getting rather boring to me. Once I have a little more info of the MS I'll post and ask ya'll to help me come up with a name for it. Lord knows I'll need the help. :)

And don't forget... Wednesday I have a post coming up on CTW about getting organized.

Sunday, August 29

A "Gotta Have" for You're Writer's Toolbox: OneNote

*Pic blurry, but gives you the idea*

is a Microsoft Office application that you can buy separately for around $80 or if you have Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 Home and Student suite (or higher) this program comes with what you already have.

And I strongly, strongly, strongly urge you to buy and/or use it.
Here's why (and since my husband says I can't tell the short version of any story, I'll tell ya how I stumbled onto OneNote in the first place).

I was over at Kaye Dacus’ website and found an link called Writing Series Index. Before I get into OneNote, do that whole right-click-open-in-new-window thing to Kaye's website and slip over to there look through her comprehensive Writing Series Index - when you're done reading my post, of course :).

Trust me, there is way more there then what you think. Very informational, very helpful. As well as some "You Know You're a Writer If..." just for fun at the bottom of the page. Seriously, I can't urge you enough to check out her Writing Series Index (WSI).
*see picture below*

Okay, got a little sidetracked there.

Back to OneNote. While in Kaye's WSI I read through a post of hers titled, "I Should Probably Write That Down". In that post she talks about OneNote (with pictures included). And thanks to the very lovely and gracious Kaye, she's allowed me to share her OneNote pictures here, on my blog, so that you can be inspired by her and OneNote as I was.

I don't know if it's me personally or the writer in me, but I am a very disorganized person. Which conflicts badly with my need for perfection. In the twelve (12) hours since I've begun using OneNote, I know that it is one of my Eureka Writer Moments. You can easily organize all - and I do mean ALL - your information on your novels (whether series or category) easily.
The picture below is of one of Kaye Dacus' Characters:
Sample of Kaye's House Info:

That's just two (of several) pictures of OneNote she has on her website.

Below I'm adding one of my own OneNote files folders on Lorena's car (file not complete). I'm still very early on in transferring all my notes and info to OneNote, but you can get a general idea of it.

I strongly urge you to watch the video for OneNote. While I’m nowhere near close to figuring it all out, I’ve not been this excited about a program since my discovery of Microsoft Word. Yes, sad, I know. But you have to realize. Before Word I was a 100% hand-written writer. :(

All pictures (of Kaye's) are used with the written permission of Kaye Dacus

One of my favorite “You Know You’re a Writer If…”

  • You have a folder on your computer labeled “Ideas.” Some of the files within this folder have only one or two words or sentences and while they made perfect sense fifteen years ago, between the software changes in that period of time garbling half the words and your own faulty memory, you have no idea what it means or where you were going with it. But you keep it anyway because you never know, you might remember it eventually.
Are you a current OneNote user? Care to share some tips, tricks, or hints about the program with me and my readers? Are you looking forward to trying OneNote? Tried it and hated it? Share all your thoughts on OneNote (or any other writing program) with me.

Sunday, August 22

Sunday Update

I've fallen short of my weekly goal of 10K edits for my first week of self-imposed deadlines. I've had two teenage boys, a pre-teen boy, and a toddler princess in my house for the last two days. I'm damn fortunate that I got the 1,000 words wrote/edited that I did.

Here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm 3,505 words short of 10K. Granted it's still early; we're about to have dinner. I'm sure I could pound out another 1 or 2 K if I ate at my desk and kept my ass in the seat and my hands on the keyboard before turning in tonight. Possible more if I decided to stay up a little later.

But, you know what. I don't think I will. I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished considering I came up with the plan mid-week and had to make up for a couple of non-editing days.

Besides, next weekend is my mother's weekend with the kids, so I'm hoping to get some major numbers behind me then. And I always seem to be able to work better when the two older ones are in school (I have the toddler princess on the waiting list for the three year old head-start in town. How great would that be? Four whole hours to myself!!! WooHoo).

PS: Isn't the TEEHEE kitty just adorable!

Have you reached your personal goals or hopes this week? Do you forgive yourself when you fail?

Wednesday, August 18

The Light at the End of This Tunnel!

Things are going pretty damn good, finally!

Things are looking up. I'm back in the groove of editing. I found a doctor that is happily doing her job. I've even managed to work out a schedule that will - hopefully - keep me on track with my edits and have No Shame for the Wicked completely done and ready for submission by mid-September.

Which will be in time for the Muse Online Writers Conference.

Each Sunday - which is the end of the week for me, not the beginning - I'll post an update to my progress.

And this is what my new set of goals look like:

Edits for No Shame: 1,429 Words a Day @ 10K a week for the next 5 weeks... which breaks down like so: (Goal should be met by date listed) Updated due to Plot Changes 8-28

August 29th
: 35K

September 5th: Synopsis, Outline, and OneNote completed

September 12th: 45K

September 16th : 55K

September 19th: 65K

September 26th: 75K

Character and Plot development - and first draft - for Springtime Romance Anthology (Since the submission isn't actually due until November 1st I'm a little more lenient/less disciplined with the Anthology - for now):

September 5th: Finish Character Development, Sketches, and Back Story

September 12th: Complete Plot development and begin outline

September 19th: Complete Outline

September 26th: 15K Words Wrote

October 3rd: Complete first draft/begin edits.

And let's not forget about Carlee and John's story that I have burning a whole through my brain. Since it's not on any submissions (yet) I'll see how these goals work out before I add that story in the mix.

EDITED & ADDED: I just had an awesome idea! Since I'm now a NaNo addict (last year was my first) and I haven't wrote a single word on Carlee and John, just simply plotted. I'll save their novel for NaNo! I have to plot the novel before NaNo starts and if I tried a new novel I would have to start the plotting at least by mid-October (at least!!). So, now I know what Carlee and John's place in my life will be for the next two and a half months! They're sidelined until November 1st! Oooohhhh, they are gonna be soooo ticked off. :)

Since I'm having these wonderful insights mid-week -does writing insights ever hit at a good time?- things will be a wee bit different this week. I'll have to push for more like 2K words edited on No Shame. Which is why I didn't add Springtime Romance until the end of next week.

Which shouldn't be a big deal. On good days I can edit an entire chapter (roughly 5K words), but I can't do that everyday (luv ya kiddos!) so I'm hoping a 2K a day/1429 a day goal helps on days that I can't edit the way I want to.

Plus it should give me motivation to get it done, especially if I know that I'm not going to meet my self-imposed deadlines.

What's your experience with self-imposed deadlines? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Tolerate 'em? Are you a X amount of pages/words a day kinda person? Or just write what you write and not care how many words or pages you put out?

Wednesday, August 11

Muse Online Conference 2010: Cost - FREE!

I stumbled across this... um, somewhere while I was traipsing through blogger-land, and I just had to share it with all of you, my writer friends.

That's right! A FREE online writer's conference! (As long as you register before the deadline. After the deadline there is a $5 fee).
*see, I even added a quick link for easy access*

But hurry, because the deadline is August 15th . Here, let me explain. Or rather, let me quote their home page:

Registration is now open for our October 11 - 17, 2010 Conference!
Deadline to register is August 15, 2010. Don't delay! Register today!

No matter where you live, what you write, at what point you are in your writing career, you'll find a workshop that fits your needs during our weeklong conference.

No hidden costs. Our conference is FREE, but we do ask for donations to help support this site and our cause - to continue offering you FREE workshops each year.

And this is on the registration page:

Date of conference: October 11 - 17, 2010

Registration deadline: August 15, 2010

First 1000 writers who register before deadline pay no fee. If more than 2000 register before the deadline, hey, we're happy and will give you a FREE pass.

Registering after the deadline, however, a small fee of $5.00 will be enforced, payable via Paypal. More info will be included in the FAQ, which is currently in the construction stage.

622 - 674 - 805 - 890 - 934
Either way, you can't beat it. An online writer's conference for free (or five bucks!). Still not sure? Okay, I'll feed ya more tidbits.

Please make sure to place your membership in INDIVIDUAL EMAILS because the registration group is not an interactive group - only posts by me. If you don't then you will miss updates and calls for upcoming pitch sessions and workshops offered throughout the year.

This is part one. Before the 2010 conference begins you will get an info email with the final stage before the conference begins. This stage includes the agenda and time table of the workshops along with your agenda handout to fill out.

Directly after that quote on the registration page you'll see a address site for a yahoo group. Now, I've never attended a writer's conference of any kind, much less one online. But, hey, it's free... what can it hurt? I, for one, am super stoked!

Sunday, August 8

Writing Progress Update

I haven't posted since last weekend. I wished I could say it was because I was making so much progress on one or all of my WIPs. That I have edited chapters on No Shame, that I was further in my plot of Carlee and John's story, and that I was well under way of the idea/inciting incident for the Springtime Romance anthology I'm hoping to enter.

Unfortunately, I can't say all that. I'm still struggling to get in the groove of everything and I spent three days of not even turning on a single computer.

Yeah, I've done some more editing and added several more words on No Shame, but that's as far as my accomplishments have made it this week. Which reminds me, I need to update my word count widget-thingy's on my sidebar.

I think it's the anticipation of school starting that's got me all frazzled. Days of being able to actually concentrate, to work... ahhh, I can't wait. And between now and then, I'll just sputter my way through a few pages of edits at a time.