Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked

Last Tuesday, at the end of my Eclipse Review (just cause I couldn't help myself!) I posted a small snippet introducing you to Luc - my protagonist from No Shame for the Wicked. So, this week I'll introduce you to Olivia, my heroine.

Olivia is inside The Golden Pony, the strip club where she works. It's her last night, and she's looking for the owner, Sal, to get paid and get the hell out of there. When she spots him...

Sal's bulky silhouette and bald head drew her attention across the crowd. He wasn't alone. The blonde man speaking to Sal towered over him by several inches. His hair hung in a smooth curtain that brushed against his trim waist. He was striking, with his perfect features and pale skin set against the all black clothing he sported.

Olivia had never been one to be attracted to blonde men or men with long hair, but this man deserved another glance. Or ten.

His posture was confident, shoulders parallel to the floor, and his strong chin angled just enough to be borderline cocky as though the world, and everyone in it, were his to control. Even from this distance his features were flawless. Too perfect. He looked as though he stepped from the pages of GQ - if they did a Goth version.

As smoking hot as this guy was, he reeked of danger.

That, unfortunately, was just the type of guy she generally fell for.

Olivia kept her ass planted on the bar stool and decided to wait until the men were finished talking before she approached Sal. She preferred to keep her distance from the blonde man wearing black leather pants that screamed of heavenly sin.

Honestly, who still wore black leather pants? And how did this man manage to make them sexy again?

Sexy, sexy. Dangerous, dangerous.

She watched the two men interact. Tried to pry her eyes away from Sal's visitor, but they stayed locked on to him - which only made her madder. An unseen force held her captive, helpless to do anything but stare. A mixture of intrigue and annoyance filled her with each movement. From the shake of his head that sent his hair shimmering in the lights to the wide grin that crossed his face when he shook Sal's hand - she was helpless to turn away, and slightly turned on.

Sal trotted off towards his office, leaving his visitor standing alone. Just as he turned his eyes skipped across the crowded room and locked on Olivia's open stare.

Ice cold shivers traced a path down her spine.

Definitely not the good kind of shivers, either. This kind screamed at her to say the hell with the money Sal owed her and run far away from The Golden Pony and that guy.

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Melissa said...

OOOO. Why does she work at a strip club? I have so many questions.

I love this title and I also seriously enjoyed this snippet.

I laughed out loud when you said the stranger deserved another glance. Or ten. Pure brilliance right there.

Great teaser.