Tuesday, July 13

Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked... And a Note about Tin House Books.

Another snippet from No Shame for the Wicked. This (unedited) scene is after Luc and Olivia "met". Luc just saved her from Titus, and they are fleeing into the country... The first bit is a leftover from the previous scene and it's in Luc's POV... after *** It's in Olivia's POV

Forgive my less then imaginative intro... my little hellion - that would be my 3 year old daughter :D - is proceeding to scream at my 16 year old for not bowing to her every whim. :D My brain isn't in "writer mode". It's stuck in "Mommy mode".

On to the teaser...

“So,” he turned in his seat to face her, resting one hand along the back of the seat, the other against the steering wheel. It was high time for some truths. At least ones she knew. “What is your last name, Olivia?”

“If I answer yours, you have to answer mine.” She stuck her hand out towards him. “Deal?”

Not ready for her to learn all about him, he kept his hands resting where they were, and simply nodded. “Deal.”

She looked offended, but quickly dismissed the hurt. “Rinehart.”

Son of a bitch. Olivia was Ruby Rinehart’s daughter. In the flesh, feet from him, the missing daughter of one of the most powerful Luri Keepers this world had ever known. Yep, his luck sucked.

And now he knew why Titus was after her as well.

Damn The Order.


“Now it’s my turn.” Olivia watched as rage lit through his eyes, scaring the hell out of her. Why her last name would bring out that reaction, she couldn’t guess. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

“What’s your question?” He asked as though she was inconveniencing him with her question.

“How the hell did you know my real name?”

“There’s a lot about you that I know, Olivia.”

Her name on his lips sounded like a lovers kiss. She forced her mind away from his tempting lips and focused on his words.

“How? How do you know me?”

“That’s not a conversation to have in a parking lot, with Titus possibly tailing us. We need to go somewhere safe. I need to call my boss and then I can answer more of your questions.”

The way he stumbled over the word boss gave her pause. What did his boss have to do with her? Much less know anything about her?

His gaze raked over her face, his eyebrows drawn in concentration for several seconds. “Can you trust me, Olivia? For the time being?”

“Do I have a choice?”

He smiled apologetically at her before he silently turned in his seat.


Olivia, That Rebel with a Blog has a very interesting post on her blog about Tin House Books accepting unsolicited submissions if you have a receipt... If your looking for agent, or publisher, run over to her blog and read her post.

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Guinevere said...

Great excerpt. I felt a little lost with the terms (but obviously, a reader with more background wouldn't be wondering about Titus, the Order, etc as much) but I was still drawn in by your characters and the suspense here. I like it.

Looking forward to reading more! :)