Thursday, July 1

Thursday Ticket: Word Count for Submissions

Here it is, Thursday night, and I haven't posted for my scheduled "Thursday Ticket" before now. Well, to be honest, I'll be cheating a little tonight, too.

The three oldest members of my house has come down with some stomach bug (my husband, myself, and my son) and I just haven't felt like sitting behind a computer screen at all today. I forced myself to work through a few pages of edits on Chapter Four of No Shame. Other than that... nada. So, please forgive that this will be the shortest - and quite possibly the worst - blog post of all time. :)

As for Word Count on your MS/WIP.

I did ask a question at eHarlequin about a rumor I've recently heard about word count. Are we to still use the method of "250 words a page" or do we use Word's actual word count?

The old way was multiple steps to set up your page to get as close to 250 words a page as possible. Because of my icky feeling, well... my brain just ain't coming up with the steps. And, to be honest, I've had Word set up to automatically start every document "250 Words" ready.

Wayne was gracious enough to answer - at least through eHarlequin's standards. It's out with the old and in with the new. eHarlequin, as well as several other publishers, from my understanding, are no longer looking at MS's as each page consisting of 250 words. Now they use actual computer word counts.

What this means for formatting a MS, I'm still unclear on. I figure... I'll still format in the "old" way, and just use Word's numbers instead of the "assumed" ones. I like the way the MS looks with the indents, spacing, and alignment. It just looks crisper and more professional. So unless I stumble across new "formatting" guidelines, I'll just stick with the old.

Has anyone heard about new formatting guidelines?


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

So sorry you're not feeling well. There's been a really bad bug going around. Take care.

As for formatting for Harlequin, I'm not sure. For my publisher I just make sure I have one inch margins and use Times New Roman. They haven't complained. :)

Olivia Herrell said...

I read a post a while back that said use either TNR or Courier New. One inch margins. Double space. And use the MS Word count. And don't use the editing version of Word. Use 2003-2007.

I'd have to go wade back through to see who posted that but I'm pretty sure it was in Colleen Lindsey's post on Word Count. If you'll go to her blog and search on that you should find it.

Hope you feel better! Olivia