Thursday, July 8

Thursday Ticket: Editing & How I Hate It....

If you’re anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with editing. You love it, because it allows you to polish your work. Make it shine! You hate it, because you have to polish your work. Make it shine!

I’m one of those types of people that can not read the same book over and over again. For me, once I’ve read a book… that’s it. I’m done with it. Very, very few books can hold my interest and/or surprise me enough to make me want to go back and read them again. Karen Templeton’s “What A Man’s Gotta Do”, VC Andrews (Ruby and Cathy’s series and My Sweet Audrina), and a couple others that I can’t name right off hand are the only books to ever make me reread them.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy most of the books I’ve read. There have been countless books that I’ve been completely unable to put down, they were THAT good. From start to finish, I’ll read them in one sitting. And I’ll rush out to the store to buy up anything that author has out! But, once I get the book read. That’s it. I’m generally done.

Can you see where I’m going here?

So I’ve reread MY book about ten times. And each time I change it, a little. Words: here and there. Sentences: deleted or added. And so on… but in essence, I’ve read my book at least ten times. And my creativity is feeling it! My muse is about done with me, I know.

She’s crying out to be unleashed on something new. To tackle something fresh and fun, instead of the same book we’ve been working on for the last… ohhh… eight (8) months. She’s even tempting me with bits for books that would make No Shame for the Wicked the first book in a series.

Of course, I was kind of hoping that last pass through of edits would be the last of them. But, Jill- a fellow CTW-er critiqued my chapter one and pointed out some very good points. One main one being… I abuse the hell out of –ly and –ing!

Apparently (ha! –ly) I had 238 words with –ing and 80 with –ly in that one chapter!! I know! Right! How horrible am I?

Aside from the horrible writer that makes me… you know what else it means?

Yep… You guessed it. More editing. More rewriting! More reading!

I’m sure by the time I get No Shame edited and ready to be submitted, my muse will no longer be speaking with me. I’ll just have to suck up to her with some major brownies and coffee. She can’t stay mad at me. She loves me. Regardless of what she says.

And all of that is why I’d rather just do it right the first time. Now, if my brain and my muse would come together and make that happen. Until then… I’m stuck editing! :)

What things help you get through the editing process? Are you an abuser of –ly & -ing?

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elizabeth mueller said...

Hi, cutie... I do feel for you about editing the fluff out of your WIP. *Sigh*

I've been working on Rockstar for the past several months--and it's HARD with school being out and having the kids home 24/7. I have to pry myself away from home and edit for 3 hours a day (when I'm lucky) at the library or at my sister's house.

I loved the ly words. I had them everywhere once upon a time. Now I hardly use them because rules beat them out of me. I love the ing words to this day. I haven't thought to do a count on those, but I really ought to.

I'm very methodical and mathematical with my editing. I need to make sure that every page has a good balance of internalization along with emotion/visceral emotion, and description. I try to avoid info dumping and reveal it through dialogue or internalization. *Whew.

I do need to post about my editing blues, too!!!

Great post! ;)