Sunday, July 4

Saturday inSanity: Lingering Effects, Birthday Party, Chapter Edits & Gettin My Groove Back.

I'm in a funk. Not a "writer's block" kind of funk. Just a "where-the-hell-has-my-creativity-gone" kind of funk.

Yes, I'm a day late on my inSanity post. It's my blog and I'll procrastinate if I wanna. :-)~

And, I wanna'd.

I've actually been struggling with Chapter Four edits of No Shame for the Wicked. I noticed a gap in the story where something "should have" happened, but didn't. So I'm having to add it. And for some awful reason, I can't get in my groove.

I don't know if it's the lingering effects of this stomach bug or if it's just with the holiday weekend (which is also my daughter's birthday) that has my mind so preoccupied. No matter what I do, I can't get my mind to pull together the scene for Chapter Four.

I know what the scene is about, where it's going, and -basically- how to get there. But when I sit down behind the keyboard my fingers refuse to move and my mind goes completely blank on how to get there.

I tried working with some writing prompts to get my creative juices flowing. That stalled out.

I went to Dr.Wicked's Write or Die page. I set it on Kamikaze Consequences with Evil Grace Period for 500 words in twenty minutes. About fifty words in.... yep, you guessed it. Blank. Nada. I couldn't even stumble my way through a few more words. I was rewarded with a haze of red eating up my measly little fifty words. And couldn't bring myself to care. I knew they sucked.

I figure my creativity is just sacked out from not using it for days while I was sick. Or maybe it's just on a mini-vacation because I've been obsessed with getting my daughter's party going with how I'm going to do fireworks this year.

Whatever the case, I decided to lay off my chapter edits and to work on Friday Fiction (FF) for my group...

And after a bumpy start, surprise of all shocks... I have gotten most of my scene wrote. I'll have to skim through it for edits and such, but I'm super excited to get it posted! And I'm still toying with how to end it... but at least I accomplished something, right!?

Now I'm left trying to figure out why I could come up with a scene out of thin air, but can't manage to write one I already know.

Have you found yourself able to write, just not what needed to be wrote? How do you get out of funks? Does Write or Die help you? Writing prompts?


Olivia Herrell said...

Know what helps me? Like, the ONLY thing that helps me. Let it go. Stop trying. Go do something else totally unrelated. Talk a walk. Watch a movie. Read a book. Forget about it. Give myself permission to take a break.

Then, somehow, miraculously, within a day or two, I sit down and voila, it rolls out.

I think sometimes I push myself too hard when it's just not there. My muse is mulish. If she don't wanna perform, she ain't gonna. And me trying to TELL her what to do, or when to do it? HA! She shoves back so hard I find myself on my butt. And not in chair writing.

I had a 3000 word day on Friday and rather than celebrating (that's big for me!) I'm like, yippee yay, I've got all day Sat and Sun, I could have a 10,000 word weekend, let's go!

So guess what I'm doing right now? Yep. Watching Star Wars. And wondering why in the hell the words won't come. Now I know. Thanks for making me figure it out.

I may even read some of this Janet Daily book tonight, too. Or watch SW V and VI when this one's done.

Then I'll see what happens tomorrow. Good luck with your muse. Mine has me by the nose.


Suzie said...

I'm taking your advice, Olivia. :)

I've neglected my blog these past few days/week(+)... so I'm getting caught up on my reading blogs and getting out there in the blogging community!

Why more fun then staring at a screen for two hours to write twenty or so words! LOL! And my readers/comments have REALLY dragged down. :(