Friday, July 30

Kid Free Weekend: Does It Equal Plenty of Writer Time?

My mother, bless her soul, had picked up my kiddos for her monthly weekend visit. And I have just one word to offer.

*Dancing in circles, doin' the booty-pop*
I've really, really, really needed this kid-free weekend. Aside from the hope that I'll get plenty of writing, editing, plotting, and critiquing done with all this free time, I just really need a breather from the stresses of my three rebellious children.

Yeah, I know. I'm such a horrible mother. I love my children more then anything, but when you're bipolar and haven't been on your meds in.... oh, close to six months now(?)... Trust me... you welcome the break.

Speaking of breaks: Is it illegal to break into the doctor's office and throw a temper-tantrum and bust up all their shit until they actually get off their asses and do something for you? Hmmm... I'll have to look into that.

Back to my kid-free dreams for the weekend... I think I'll order a pizza, crack open the bottle of wine, and - if I get at least one crit done, 1000 new words wrote, and 2000 edited words by this evening - I may just veg out in front of the Sons of Anarchy or Supernatural as a treat for not snapping and breaking into the doctors office ... this week. *grins*

Guess the only way to accomplish that list is to get my fingers in gear and get started.

What's you're methods for relaxation? When you have those moments of free-time, how do you spend them? Do you ever fantasize about breaking into my doctors office? Would you like to? =D


Tessa Conte said...

Free time? What's that? ; )

I've tagged you over on my blog, come check it out!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I think busting into your doctor's office, breaking up his awards and pictures, and demanding he actually earn his fee is outlawed outside of Will Ferrell movies.

But it is a nice fantasy, isn't it?

Have a great mid-week, Roland

Suzie said...

@Tessa: Thanks! I'll head over and check it out...

@Roland: *sigh* Yeah, that's what I thought. That's okay... I'll just keep fantasizing. Wonder if I write it into a little scene if it would make me feel any better? Probably not. =D

Michelle Gregory said...

i hopped in from Tessa's romance meet and greet. i relax by reading blogs, so blog hopping is perfect for my pastime/ addiction?

if wanting a break from your children qualifies you as a bad mother, then i think there are a lot of us out there who are rotten moms. i'm not bipolar, but i need breaks too. i hope your kid-free weekend gives you lots and lots of writing time.

Joy Tamsin David said...

Hi Suzie,

You have a great voice. LOL.

I'm following you on twitter.

Sangu said...

Do nothing. Seriously, you sound like you could use the break and there's nothing more fun when you need a break than doing absolutely nothing! :-)

elizabeth mueller said...

Ooh, it's a rare thing that I get jealous over people. But I am jealous of you!!! I want to have a kid-free weekend sponsored by a close relative, too!!!

A candle-lit, bubble bath with a book is one. Writing with looooong stretch of time is another. But if I had a choice between a bath or writing, guess what? I'd be dirty all the time! Ewww :P