Friday, July 9

Friday Fiction @ CTW: Scene 14

Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Today is Friday Fiction over at CTW (Critique_This_WIP)... and, guess who was the lucky writer today!

Yup! It was me!!! YAY!

I've been excited all week about getting to write the Friday Fiction @ CTW. When Margaret left off last week, Shane and Erica had just had a sensual moment during a leg cramp and decided to camp out in the Arizona desert (of course, that's because he torched her RV with a dead body inside!). So, today's finally Friday... And I got to post my scene!

Shane stared at the stars from his make-shift bed, feet from Erica. Desire burned deep inside him, urging him to simply close the distance and take her in his arms.

Hell, a little coaxing on his part - a touch here, a caress there, a few whispered words - and she'd fall into his arms willingly enough. Since that one insane moment when that sexy little moan escaped her lips he'd been plunged into a fantasy of "What if".

He folded his hands behind his head, using them for a pillow. The graze on his shoulder, freshly bandaged after they ate, offered a weak protest when his muscles bunched beneath his head.

He might be a con-artist, but he wasn't a complete shmuck. Erica's life had been turned upside down because she was kind enough to give him a ride. He didn't feel like wearing World's Biggest Asshole on his forehead. Not twice in one day, anyways.

"This isn't going to work, ya know."

He turned to face her. Head propped up by her hand, she lay facing him on her own bedding. the dying fire danced across her skin, giving it a deep golden glow.

"What's that?" He asked.

"You. Me." She paused, her gaze glanced around their campsite. "With all this... distance between us."............................................

Yes, I know I'm a tease... but is Erica?

Rush over to CTW and read the rest!

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Ah, and PS:
CTW is hosting a Tuesday Tag now... if you want to participate (can you say free advertising for your blog!!!) and write a installment for it, just drop a comment on the blog or shot an email to critiquethiswip @ gmail dot com.


elizabeth mueller said...

How Suzie! Wow, this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your art with us and for letting us in on the gold of being sponsored by CTW!

Oh, btw, tag! You're it, girl. :)

Jen said...

Hi Suzie!!! Elizabeth facebooked about your blog and I had to visit!!!

I love this idea!!! Brilliant!!! I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and follow you. It seems we have quite a few of the same bloggers!

C. K. Bryant said...

I'm here because of Elizabeth. She's always on the lookout for great blogs and this is no exception. I'm a follower now and will be back often.

Suzie said...

Wow! Thanks Elizabeth! I have a lot to thank you for, huh?! :) Ooohhh, I gotta reveal my bag... hmmm... Ok... let me get caught up on everything that happened over the weekend and I'll post it. ;)

Jen: Thanks! I'm a follower of yours now (569, wow!)... I love your butterfly background. So cute!

C.K : Thank you. I've just recently started in the blogger world, so I'm very flattered by your compliment. :) I've been a follower of your blog for a bit now (CK Bryant) and just added Day Dreamer. I didn't realize you had more than one blog. I'm lucky to keep up with mine and CTW! :)

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Suzie, I LOVE this and left a comment at CTW. Sizzling! :)


Suzie said...

I read it Olivia! That was so super sweet of you! It made me feels so much better to see a familiar "face"!!