Monday, July 12

Author Interview @CTW: Tessa Conte

Over the last two weeks, as with the next two weeks, we've dedicated our Author Interviews to those members of CTW. Courtney and Margaret has been interviewed, and I interviewed Tessa Conte, from Tessa's Blurb over the weekend.

Tessa's interview was posted today at Critique_This_WIP, so head over there and see the inner-workings of her mind. Make sure to check back each Monday for more Author interviews. And, of course, if you'd like to be interviews (published and un-published author's alike) just shoot a email to critiquethiswip @ gmail dot com or drop a comment letting us know.

Now, remember: next Monday (July 19th) Courtney will interview Jill. The week after (July 26th) Jill will interview me. Let us know if you wanna be put in the "spotlight". :D

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