Wednesday, June 23

Super Good News: Not Writing Related!! With a Bit of A Tirade Involved.

One of our local radio stations was giving away tickets to the premiere of Eclipse for Monday, June 28th. Now, I general only listen to radio stations when I'm in my car. Otherwise, I'm a iPod listener. My mother, on the other hand, listens all day at work.

I wasn't even aware of the Eclipse giveaway.

So, go back a couple of days ago.

I slept in late - 11am late - and woke to find a voicemail from my mother.

"Call me back, Sis. I have something to tell you I think you'll be really happy about." Childlike excitement colored her voice.

I was still half asleep. Still had that groggy voice, and I don't think both eyes were actually open.Vision in my left eye was still blurred, and all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and sleep for another couple hours. But I hadn't heard my mother get that happy - especially on a voicemail - in to long to remember.

So I called her back. Hearing my voice she instantly knew I was still half-asleep. But her news woke me up instantly!

"I just won you four tickets to watch the premiere of Eclipse on the 28th!"

Even my still-asleep brain recognized that this was TWO DAYS earlier then the release date! I woke up, practically screaming in her ear "Really? The 28th??"

My mom's not a Twilighter. She's never even seen or read a single title of the saga. But she is a contest junkie. Her perseverance has won ever contest she's entered except the one for tickets to that Hannah Montana thing for my nieces.

Why I'm so hooked on those movies is completely beyond me. It's like they have subliminal messages hidden into the scenes that makes it impossible to walk away. Okay, in reality, I know what it is. I'm a sucker for love stories.

But that's not all.

I mean, Bella annoys the hell out of me. Not only the character Bella Swan but Kristin Stewart annoys me as well. Every three seconds she's shaking her head. It's like the mass of her acting skills is tied in with her neck muscles. Never mind that she's suicidal (Is that really what we need to be teaching teenage girls? The man you love leaves you, just kill yourself. It'll be okay. He'll come running back to you!).

And, really... what the hell was up in New Moon when she practically refused to meet Edwards eyes, instead focusing her gaze on his mouth? Then once things start getting "iffy" with Jacob... imagine that! She starts looking at his mouth when she's talking to him. Like she's some unworthy, subordinate 1930's little woman that isn't worthy of looking a man in the eye? Really? And where the hell is this girls self-confidence? Grrr!!

And Edward! Well... in Twilight he was leaning hard on some stalker tendencies, and in New Moon he, too, turned suicidal. I get the "romantic" gesture behind them both not wanting to live without the other, but is that what our teenagers need to be watching? We, as adults, are stable enough - generally! LOL :) - to know that Stephanie Meyer, Melissa Rosenburg, and David Slade are NOT promoting suicide. But the books and movies aren't aimed for adults.

Of course, I don't believe that anyone tied to the Twilight Saga is any more responsible for what kids would chose to do then I believe that video games turn kids into killers. Parents that are actively involved in their kids lives are what dictates how a child behaves. You have to give your kids someone to look up too. Someone real, not fictional, that has a firm grasp on reality and the consequences of actions.

Okay, I got on a bit of a tirade there, but all the b*tching aside. I am super excited to go see the movie! I know... you can't tell, right? Hey, I am bipolar after all. I'm entitled to have my conflicting opinions! LOL

*dancing in circles while singing* "I get to see Eclipse two days early!"



M. Bail said...

Congrats! I've only seen the first movie, haven't seen the rest. But my daughter insists she's going to include it in her birthday slumber party movie line up (she's turning 13, what can you expect, right?) and she invited me to watch with her and her girlfriends. I've read all the books and I completely agree with your assessment of the "off" psychological nature of the characters as well as the addictive quality of the story. Go figure!

Suzie said...

Right! It makes no sense that I love those damn movies so much. But I do. I'm completely hooked on them.

Melissa said...

OOOO COOL! Winning contests is always fun. I have all the same problems you listed there about Twilight. And yet... I still watch them too. I think there are subliminal messages.

What a scary thought.

Renae said...

Congrats! And I'm totally jealous! I will just have to wait and watch it when it comes out. I am addicted to them as well!

Katie Ganshert said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to admit, I'm a twi-hard fan! All those things that bug you....they don't really bug me, because I'm just obsessed with the love story. Yes, their relationship is completely dysfunctional, unhealthy, and co-dependent, but I can't help but love them. (also...don't throw rocks at me, but I'm a Kristen Steward fan). I'm going to buy tickets later today. :)

G.~ said...

I am totally loving your bi-polar tendencies. I can relate.

And I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Kristin Stewart. When she first came on the scene I thought she might pretty cool, but it turns out she is like this little insecure, suicidal dud. Not attractive.

Thanks for the post and the laugh.