Thursday, June 10

Old Loves (& the WIP's They're In).... Love 'Em & Leave 'Em??

I was over at Tina's blog, Sweet Niblets, and stumbled across the fact that she's hosting a Bad Boy Blogfest...

Which instantly brought to mind my personal, favorite bad boy Hunter Collins...

He made his appearance in one of my early novels and has retained a piece of my heart ever since. So, in preparation to the Bad Boy Blogfest (BBB) I went back to Hunter's story and began reading through to find a tidbit to post for the Blogfest. After skimming through his story it made me wonder....

When we move on from a WIP it's generally because we've grown as writers. That causes those particular WIP to stall out, not work, or just has way too many issues to go through and fix (at least that's how it works for me).

Either the characters are not very strong or the plot is way off the map or a combination of both. Either way, when I do happen to reread an early WIP I can always tell I’ve grown as a writer. I tend to shake my head and think “Wow… Imagine where I’ll be in another year when I learn even more!”

Therefore, I've always lived by a Love 'Em & Leave 'Em mentality with those WIPs. I have tons of WIPs like that. Scattered all over my hard drives on my laptop and desktop, not to mention saved on disks, floppy's (yeah, from that long ago) and flash drives. I don't have the heart to delete them, but I know that most of them are not worth trying to resurrect.

Having skimmed through Hunter’s story, I didn’t have my moment of head shaking. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know that plot has holes in it the size of Oklahoma. My characters (Hunter included *sniffle*) have a ways to go before they’re ready to let the world know them, but is Hunter worth resurrecting? And not just Hunter, but Mariah – his heroine – and all the others?

I still love their story.

When I read through the WIP looking for what I wanted to add for the BBB I fell in love with all of them again. Just from the few minutes that I spent with them. Doesn’t that make them worth spending the time it would take to advance their story to my experience?

What’s your take on your past WIPs? Do you keep rewriting them until they fit your experience? Or do you stand by a Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em mentality? Is there that one WIP, that one Character, that stays in your mind often that would be worth revitalizing their story?


Tara said...

I love a good Bad Boy, so I say resurrect Hunter! (I have a Hunter, too - who happens to be a Bad Boy, just not a main character.)

My first WiP is atrocious, writing-wise, but I have every intention of going back to it. I still can't get the characters out of my head.

elizabeth mueller said...

Suzie!!! First off, I'd love to thank you for coming by and following my blog--that way I could find you so much easier and follow you!!! ;)

If, in your olden WIPs, it doesn't sit right with you, remember you are the goddess of that world and NO ONE will no any better if you change it but you.

I really love my first books. Like Tara, I can't keep the MCs from haunting me because they were my first buds, you know?

The only thing I'd do is tighten the sentence structures and de-adverb them. I am a poet at heart and it shows in my WIPs, a bit purple. I love the plots and the escapism my first stories provide.

Speaking of old loves, I am holding a super brave blogfest on behalf of past WIPs. Come by and visit and see if it's something you'd like to join! :D

Suzie said...

@Tara - How crazy... another bad boy named Hunter! It does seem to fit, huh?! I have decided to revive Hunter's story. After that one sneak peak he's been haunting me relentlessly! :) Thanks for the advice ;)

@Elizabeth - I've already signed up for your blogfest (I've even posted a link about it on my sidebar with other blogfests). And I'm total stoked and waiting for it. I know it'll be somewhat embarrassing, but I've got thick skin. We all started somewhere, right?

Thank both of you ladies for deciding to follow my blog and for taking the time to post a comment. :)