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Eclipse Review/Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked

I had my snippet from No Shame for the Wicked to post for today's Tuesday Teaser. But, I was so thoroughly impressed by Eclipse that I decided to break the rules just a bit and do a review of Eclipse for my Teaser. Who hasn't read the book? I figure most anyone into the Twilight Saga has, but for those that hasn't... I won't ruin anything.

Eclipse is, by far, the best of the Twilight Saga. In my opinion.

Edward is his usual charming, gorgeous self but managed to creep me out a whole lot less. Jasper takes a bigger role in Eclipse (about time!!), how Rosalie turned is told, and - don't faint here, or anything - even Bella (actress & character) annoyed me far less then ever. I think the best thing Eclipse has going for it -beside the romance, of course - is all the action they packed into the film.

And action scenes are plenty in Eclipse. With the opening scene completely different then Twilight and New Moon. It opens with "Victoria" hunting Riley and turning him before rolling to Bella's narrative. I thought this was a nice change up.

Then there's the scene where the Cullen's chase Victoria to Quileute land, where the werewolves get involved. Victoria jumping from one side of the creek (?) to the next - hopping from Cullen's territory to the wolves - ending when Emmett leaps across the water after Victoria and is stopped cold by wolves. Allowing Victoria to flee.

Once the werewolves join the Cullen's in the upcoming battle against the "Newborns", Jasper takes the lead in teaching them how to fight newborn vamps. This action scene is good for entrainment, a few chuckles, and a sweet little kiss between Jasper and Alice. (I love Jasper and Alice. They are so adorable together!!!)

One of my favorite scenes in Eclipse is when Edward, Bella, and Jacob in the tent. The interaction between Jacob and Edward is heart-breaking and heart-warming, all at the same time. I am now, as I've always been, a Team "Both". Though I knew it was coming, I was still peeved when Bella and Jacob kissed.

Other action scenes involving the newborns include: Riley trying to control them/educate them, the final confrontation with the Cullen's and werewolves. You can't forget the Volturri, who make a small appearance mid-movie and show up after all but one of the newborns are dead.

There's enough action in Eclipse it can easily become a movie that even menfolk would be inclined to watch without whining - much. :)

One thing that did rub me the wrong way about the movie was the fact that a different actress played as Victoria. This may be common knowledge, but I'm not the kind of Twilight-er that follows every tid-bit of news religiously. I read the books, I anticipate the movies, but that's it. That's as far as my obsession with the Twilight Saga goes. Changes in actor/actresses is one of my biggest pet peeves... which is probably why I can't stand Soap Opera's. :)

All in all, I can not wait for this movie to come to DVD. And I'll just have to appease myself with going to the theaters as often as possible to watch it until the day comes when I can bring the disc home.


Okay, I can't leave you without a snippet from No Shame for the Wicked... I promised it, so here's a tiny snippet! This is actually chapter one, page one. It's not in it's final edits or been run by the ladies at CTW, but it gives you an insight into Luc, my protagonist.

Luc VanDarr leaned his shoulder against the brick and mortar, his low body temperature shielding him against the frigid cold. Silently tracking the couple's movements as they exited Spur's with his eyes, his heart filled with vengeance. Hatred and rage surged through his veins, making standing silent and still nearly impossible.

He would find Titus. He didn't care what it took, or how long. No matter the cost, Titus was a dead man now that Luc's fifty-year exile had been lifted. The only thing that kept him from going crazy on that frozen chunk of wasteland Santra had dumped him on had been the knowledge that he would be back to make Titus pay.

Closing his eyes, he kept the images of Gloria out of his mind and back on the mission at hand. The fact of that matter was he couldn't kill Titus today. The sneaky bastard was well hidden, but Luc could kill as many of Titus' kind on the path to tracking him. Otherwise, The Order would likely dispense of Luc all together.

That thought didn't bother him as long as they let him extract his revenge first.

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