Tuesday, June 15

Character Interview Blogfest

I’m off on another Blogfest… what can I say… I’m hooked. They are great outlets for creativity and meeting awesome people!

Character Interview Blogfest goes in thanks to Sangu@Echoes of a Wayward Mind who’s hosting this beast! {{hugs}} and many thanks! Don’t forget to stop at her Blog and check out all the entries! It’s sure to be interesting reading.

On to my interview. I chose the Antagonist in my current WIP since I’ve been in character development with him as it were. This is my first attempt to interview a character in this capacity. Generally my interviews are simply a question/answer type of thing. I hope you enjoy it and that I didn't screw it up too badly!

Chatting with Elijah Fuqua:

I’m expecting a visit from Elijah, the “villain” in my newest WIP. I’ve agreed to meet him in a “neutral” surrounding - his insistence, not mine. I’ve been inside him mind for the last few days, and I dare say he’s slightly ticked off at me. Evident by the fact that he was suppose to be here twenty minutes ago and I’m still the only person at Shannon Springs Park.

Striving to appear calm – even though Elijah creeps me the hell out – I continue to sip on my cherry limeade while constantly scanning my surroundings. I’d be concerned that he planned to stand me up, except the one thing he can’t stand is the unknown. And he still doesn’t know how his story ends or if this is part of – ah, here he comes now.

Elijah looks so ordinary, so normal in his white polo shirt and khaki shorts. Who would imagine the kind of twisted mind that lurked under the gloss of dark waves on his head?

Tossing the Styrofoam cup into a near trash bin, with my back to him, I give myself a few seconds to prepare for this confrontation.

His footsteps near so I paste on a smile and face him with all the gusto I can gather. “Good afternoon.”

“Yes, it was.” He lowers his tall, lanky form into the bench – staying as far away from me as possible, his body rigid as his eyes darted around the park.

“Was? Care to elaborate?”

“Is that question part of your interview?”

I chose to ignore his tone. It's not easy, but over the last few days I’ve learned how to manipulate his mind - to a degree.

Silence was golden.

Keeping the power of knowledge in my corner was vital to get any information out of him.

A long silence stretches between us before he finally broke. “I had plans for this afternoon, and that’s all you’re gonna get.”

“Why are you so nervous?”

He leveled his intense green eyes on me. “I don’t trust you.”

“I'm here to tell your side of things, as well. Why on earth wouldn't you trust me?”

“Which reason would you like?”

“Any reason that you're inclined to share.”

“I’m not an imbecile. Don’t treat me like one. I know you plan to capture me. Or, rather-” his gaze swept up and down the length of my body with slow efficiency “-have one of your boy toys do the job for you.”

I’d rather not get into a spitting contest with Elijah, but damn, he sure knew how to push my buttons as well. With what I hoped was indifference I shrugged a shoulder.

“You know, as well as I do, that Braden is looking for you. If, or when, he catches you will have nothing to do with me. I’m simply the messenger.”

“You ever heard that old saying about what happens to the messengers?”

“Can we get back to our interview?” It was time to get this thing underway so I could get the hell away from him and back to the characters that didn’t reach a 10 on my creep factor.

“Actually,” with a feline’s grace Elijah slid his arm along the back of the wooden bench while leaning close enough to me that I could smell his aftershave. The woodsy scent stuck in my throat, lodged right above the breathe I couldn't seem to expel.

“There is no interview. I only have one thing to say to you. Stay the hell out of my business.”

With his warning hanging in the breeze he stood and walked ten feet before stopping as if he suddenly remembered something. A smug smirk played across his deceptive good looks when he glanced back at me. “And tell Braden I said, ‘Let the games begin.’”


stu said...

Very villainous.

Sangu said...

Ah, antagonists are so tricky, but they're also incredibly fun (cough, challenging, cough) to interview. I chose one of my antagonists too, and that was painful/delightful.

I loved this, his sense of villainy comes across so clearly. Your uneasiness around him was so well done too!

Love the photo!

Thanks for participating :)

elizabeth mueller said...

Ooh! I love this! Very well written! So, did he give you the creeps? Aren't you glad--sometimes I guess--that the people we write about are restricted to paper alone? Wonderful! He really creeps me out...

Have you read my interview? :D

Kris & Kels said...

This was so well done! I really got a sense of the emotion in this. And his bad-ass-ness. Fantastic!

Also... were you at Sonic? ;)

<3 Kelsey Leigh

Melissa said...

First off: I'm psychic and this is how I'm answering your unasked question while you work on your MS. If I find a 'dog' you can be sure I'll be shouting (typing) my little blogger fingers like a mad person in excitement and I'll be saying how I found that person and telling everyone how to do the same.

I went thirteen chapters without seeing the dead thing in my middle which was preventing me from getting to the end. Now I need to go back and rewrite like a crazy just so I can catch up to where I was before. I really want to finish my MS so I can start editing but now I'm back to bits of chap 2 & 3.

I love the name Elijah Fuqua, it just sounds antagonistic, like he's going to really mess things up. MY next favorite part is your villain is unassuming, from his looks (good) you wouldn't expect him to be so villainous. I like that. Much more original than an overused characteristic villain type who looks evil as well as is. (not that that can't be done RIGHT of course).

His distrust of you and your insecurity around him is so palpable I can almost taste it. I really enjoyed this character. I can't wait to see more of this work! (So glad I found your blog!)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

That's the thing about antagonists : they're antagonistic.

Great job of developing the tension before he arrived. And strong-willed people tend to direct the situation. You pulled the whole thing off quite well. Bravo, Roland

Ashelynn D. Sanford said...

Hehe. My MC's love interest's name is Elijah! Weird.

It's... and interesting and scary interview. I loved it!

RaShelle said...

You, my dear, have a way with words, although we got nothing out of your villian. LOL Great writing.

Suzie said...

@Stu - LOL... try living inside his mind for several days?? Ugh! :)

@Sangu - I love antagonists. They can be so much fun, even if super creepy. Again, thanks so much for hosting this blogfest! It was fun (and I actually learned a lot about myself which I have added in tomorrow's scheduled post).

@Elizabeth - I read and posted on your blog about your entry (very intriguing!). My 16 year old gives me a hard time because I tend to let my characters become so real. When I tried explaining they're like a child's imaginary friend he reminded me that he knows how to drive me to Norman (Mental Institute) to have me committed. *-*

@Kelsey - Actually, I had stopped at Sonic on the way to the park. Gotta love those cherry limeade's!! Yum! Oh... and peach sweet tea!

@Melissa - I feel your pain, girl! I think that's why my edits in - newly named - No Shame for the Wicked has stalled out. Because something, somewhere is dead and stinking up the joint. I just can't find it!

@Ashelyn - That's crazy! Me and another blogger - forgive me, I can't remember who *flushes embarrassingly* - both have bad boys named Hunter's in WIPs.

@Roland & RaShelle - You two are super sweet for your kind words. I've never really put any of my work out there to be seen - family and friends aside.

To EVERYONE - Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouraging & kind words. You all are making me feel so welcomed.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd watch out for that one.

Kristie Cook said...

Oh, this was good. Very villainous. I enjoyed reading this, even if it did creep you out. :)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I don't think I'd want to spend too long in his mind!

Dawn Embers said...

Very interesting. Villains can be entertaining to interview and it's good to know them well. They may not be the main character, but there is still much that revolves around them.

I also found the name choice interesting. I have a character named Elijah but he's an angel. Did research on angel names and Elijah has to do with innocence. So, a villain with that name is different but can work well for you, or so it seems. ;-)

Amalia T. said...

I like him! Very mysterious and threatening and smooth. The best kind of villain, in my opinion, is the one you kind of WISH you could like. And man, this guy is one of them for me!

I'm glad we got a chance to meet him :)

Melissa said...

Hey Suzie, I just wanted to let you know that there's an award for you on my blog!

Tessa Conte said...

there's an award for you on my blog, come pick it up! ; )

Janet Johnson said...

Found you at Tessa's Blog. Fun villain. :)

Suzie said...

OMG!!! My first (and second!! So awesome!!) blogger awards!!! You two ROCK, Melissa and Tessa. Thanks so much! Way cool! I'm on my way to your blogs! :)

@Janet - I'm glad you found me and thanks!