Monday, June 14

Bad Laptop!

Okay, I'll be honest. It's not so much "bad laptop" as it is "bad Suzie". I've gotten so obsessed with blogfests and getting my blog off the ground that I've neglected my WIPs. All of them! And, yes, that is New Moon playing on the TV in the background. Yet, another distraction... *sigh*.

So, with it being my husbands two days off - which translates to total free/writing time for me - I have to get my head back in my WIPs. At least one of them. I have my next blogfest, Character Interview, ready to auto post around 3am tonight.

You can find the linky on my sidebar to the blogfest hosted by Sangu. I'd post a linky here but I guess I haven't figured out html all that well because every post so far has whacked out fonts no matter how hard I try to fix them.

Okay, I got off subject there. Irrelevant, really, since I think I'm using this post as another distraction. *evil grin* Now it's time to flip the switch so I no longer can get connected and force my mind away from blogfests, reading blogs, and movies and back on my WIPs.

*tearful sob* Good-bye blogs. Until next time... like a day or two. :)


Melissa said...

Good luck on working on your WIP. And I'll be checking in to see your blogfest entry.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Good luck getting back on focus...I hope you enjoy your few days alone with your wip. :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Don't forget about Tuesday's character interview blogfest. I look forward to reading yours, Roland

Suzie said...

Thanks Melissa and Sharon! I actually feel accomplished enough to get online for a little bit today. I started on my Hero and Heroine's character development and wrote a little over 700 words on my WIP.

@Roland - I absolutely loved your interview! :)