Tuesday, June 29

Eclipse Review/Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked

I had my snippet from No Shame for the Wicked to post for today's Tuesday Teaser. But, I was so thoroughly impressed by Eclipse that I decided to break the rules just a bit and do a review of Eclipse for my Teaser. Who hasn't read the book? I figure most anyone into the Twilight Saga has, but for those that hasn't... I won't ruin anything.

Eclipse is, by far, the best of the Twilight Saga. In my opinion.

Edward is his usual charming, gorgeous self but managed to creep me out a whole lot less. Jasper takes a bigger role in Eclipse (about time!!), how Rosalie turned is told, and - don't faint here, or anything - even Bella (actress & character) annoyed me far less then ever. I think the best thing Eclipse has going for it -beside the romance, of course - is all the action they packed into the film.

And action scenes are plenty in Eclipse. With the opening scene completely different then Twilight and New Moon. It opens with "Victoria" hunting Riley and turning him before rolling to Bella's narrative. I thought this was a nice change up.

Then there's the scene where the Cullen's chase Victoria to Quileute land, where the werewolves get involved. Victoria jumping from one side of the creek (?) to the next - hopping from Cullen's territory to the wolves - ending when Emmett leaps across the water after Victoria and is stopped cold by wolves. Allowing Victoria to flee.

Once the werewolves join the Cullen's in the upcoming battle against the "Newborns", Jasper takes the lead in teaching them how to fight newborn vamps. This action scene is good for entrainment, a few chuckles, and a sweet little kiss between Jasper and Alice. (I love Jasper and Alice. They are so adorable together!!!)

One of my favorite scenes in Eclipse is when Edward, Bella, and Jacob in the tent. The interaction between Jacob and Edward is heart-breaking and heart-warming, all at the same time. I am now, as I've always been, a Team "Both". Though I knew it was coming, I was still peeved when Bella and Jacob kissed.

Other action scenes involving the newborns include: Riley trying to control them/educate them, the final confrontation with the Cullen's and werewolves. You can't forget the Volturri, who make a small appearance mid-movie and show up after all but one of the newborns are dead.

There's enough action in Eclipse it can easily become a movie that even menfolk would be inclined to watch without whining - much. :)

One thing that did rub me the wrong way about the movie was the fact that a different actress played as Victoria. This may be common knowledge, but I'm not the kind of Twilight-er that follows every tid-bit of news religiously. I read the books, I anticipate the movies, but that's it. That's as far as my obsession with the Twilight Saga goes. Changes in actor/actresses is one of my biggest pet peeves... which is probably why I can't stand Soap Opera's. :)

All in all, I can not wait for this movie to come to DVD. And I'll just have to appease myself with going to the theaters as often as possible to watch it until the day comes when I can bring the disc home.


Okay, I can't leave you without a snippet from No Shame for the Wicked... I promised it, so here's a tiny snippet! This is actually chapter one, page one. It's not in it's final edits or been run by the ladies at CTW, but it gives you an insight into Luc, my protagonist.

Luc VanDarr leaned his shoulder against the brick and mortar, his low body temperature shielding him against the frigid cold. Silently tracking the couple's movements as they exited Spur's with his eyes, his heart filled with vengeance. Hatred and rage surged through his veins, making standing silent and still nearly impossible.

He would find Titus. He didn't care what it took, or how long. No matter the cost, Titus was a dead man now that Luc's fifty-year exile had been lifted. The only thing that kept him from going crazy on that frozen chunk of wasteland Santra had dumped him on had been the knowledge that he would be back to make Titus pay.

Closing his eyes, he kept the images of Gloria out of his mind and back on the mission at hand. The fact of that matter was he couldn't kill Titus today. The sneaky bastard was well hidden, but Luc could kill as many of Titus' kind on the path to tracking him. Otherwise, The Order would likely dispense of Luc all together.

That thought didn't bother him as long as they let him extract his revenge first.

Sunday, June 27

One Lovely Blog Award.... And My New Schedule.

First, and so much more fun then stinkin' schedules.....

Yay! Another award. Thanks to the lovely Tessa @ Tessa's Blurb for this lovely blog award! Yeah, I know. I'm corny. It happens when I get gifts/awards. You should see what happens when I receive a diamond. :)

As with all awards comes the rules for One Lovely Blog Award...

1.Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her/his blog.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

My list of 15...
1. Olivia @ That Rebel with a Blog
2.Julie Musil
3.Melissa @
4. A Muse In My Pocket
6.L'Aussie @ L'Aussie Writing
7.Theresa @ Substitute Teacher's Saga
8. Kathis @ Kathis's Writing Nook
9. Angie @ Notes From the Writing Chair
10. Ashelynn @ World Of My Own
11.Stu @ Stusplace
12. Kristen @ Take It As It Comes
13, 14, & 15 goes to my fellow CTW-ers @ Critique_This_WIP , Margaret @ Musings, and Courtney Reese.

Of course Tessa is one of my CTW-er's. Thanks, again, Tessa!!

* Yes, I know five is blank. But I went to everyone's blogs and posted they had an award here. So if you got a post from me but don't see your name above, let me know so I can fix it. Some how my links got all kooky and I'm having to fix them... What can I say? Blogger hates me! :) LOL!!

Okay... beautiful award out of the way... Now for the schedule(s).

Starting Tuesday, July 5th we'll be hosting a Tuesday Tag on at our group blog, Critique_This_WIP.

The first five Tuesdays will be one of us five members, then we turn the reigns over to a new blogger each week. (What a great way to get more traffic to your blogs! Make sure to stop by CTW, become a follower - cause, let's admit it... in the blogger world, following is cool - and post comments!!)

That following Friday (the 9th) will be my first post at CTW. Which just happens to be our Friday Fiction!!! Yeah, bundle of nerves here! It'd be great if I see a few friendly faces over there. *hint, hint* :)

Both of those statements bring me to my next.

I'm going to give this "Schedule" thing a try on my blog. I may like it. I may not. It might last... It might not. For now, though, this will be my new posting schedule starting Tuesday, June 29th (I can't start it tomorrow because I'm Eclipse obsessed!).

Tuesday Teasers: Snippet from one of my WIP's.

Thursday Ticket: Any writing related topic. Such as my - one of these days - upcoming Grammar Basics will be posted on this day.

Saturday inSanity: I'm "thinking" of doing book reviews, author reviews, etc on this date. It's called inSanity because I'm just really not sure what I'll write about on this day. It may be just a random bipolar grip-fest. :-|

And I may pop in randomly to post on one of my off days. You just never know.

So, now I'm off to let everyone above know they've been given another award. :)

Friday, June 25

Writing Outlines & Synopsis: Can't You Just Shoot Me Now?

Me and the ladies over at CTW have decided to write an outline or synopsis to our WIPs to make critiquing them easier for everyone.

What a great idea, right!

It will help our group point out when we veer off into unknown territory. And - since there are five ladies in our group, some of us with two WIPs - it will greatly aide in reminding the critiquer what our/this story is about - should we get confused on which WIP we're dealing with. Highly likely with me. :)

Having an outline or synopsis is just a great addition to our group... but I loathe writing both of them. Writing them makes me feel like I'm back in middle schoool writing a book report.

Despising outlines and synopsis' to such a great degree, I figured... there had to be a some kind of tips and tricks to ease the pain of writing something so unbelievably BORING!

I didn't find any "outstanding" ideas, tips, or tricks. But, I did learn more on the differences between an outline and a synopsis.

Outline: Basically a scene-by-scene breakdown, chapter-by-chapter. You describe each the scene's three purposes, the motivation of the scene, as well as the scene resolution.

Synopsis: An overview of your characters, conflicts, tone and setting of your novel. In my opinion, synopsis allows you more creativity to narrow your pride and joy to only a couple of pages. Synopsis' are generally between two to ten page. Agents and/or Publishers tend to ask for synopsis more often then Outlines.

My interpretation of it is this: Outlines are a break down of the plot with a small dash of your character's traits and Synopsis is more character driven with plot as the driving force, so to speak. Both still seem like "book reports" of your novel, just different angle's of it.

And what has learning the true difference between outline and synopsis taught me???

I should write both... an outline and synopsis. Though a lot more work will be involved, I think presenting both opportunities to my critique partners will give them more options and a better advantage.

What tips or tricks help you write an outline or synopsis? Which do you find less intimidating?

Wednesday, June 23

Super Good News: Not Writing Related!! With a Bit of A Tirade Involved.

One of our local radio stations was giving away tickets to the premiere of Eclipse for Monday, June 28th. Now, I general only listen to radio stations when I'm in my car. Otherwise, I'm a iPod listener. My mother, on the other hand, listens all day at work.

I wasn't even aware of the Eclipse giveaway.

So, go back a couple of days ago.

I slept in late - 11am late - and woke to find a voicemail from my mother.

"Call me back, Sis. I have something to tell you I think you'll be really happy about." Childlike excitement colored her voice.

I was still half asleep. Still had that groggy voice, and I don't think both eyes were actually open.Vision in my left eye was still blurred, and all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and sleep for another couple hours. But I hadn't heard my mother get that happy - especially on a voicemail - in to long to remember.

So I called her back. Hearing my voice she instantly knew I was still half-asleep. But her news woke me up instantly!

"I just won you four tickets to watch the premiere of Eclipse on the 28th!"

Even my still-asleep brain recognized that this was TWO DAYS earlier then the release date! I woke up, practically screaming in her ear "Really? The 28th??"

My mom's not a Twilighter. She's never even seen or read a single title of the saga. But she is a contest junkie. Her perseverance has won ever contest she's entered except the one for tickets to that Hannah Montana thing for my nieces.

Why I'm so hooked on those movies is completely beyond me. It's like they have subliminal messages hidden into the scenes that makes it impossible to walk away. Okay, in reality, I know what it is. I'm a sucker for love stories.

But that's not all.

I mean, Bella annoys the hell out of me. Not only the character Bella Swan but Kristin Stewart annoys me as well. Every three seconds she's shaking her head. It's like the mass of her acting skills is tied in with her neck muscles. Never mind that she's suicidal (Is that really what we need to be teaching teenage girls? The man you love leaves you, just kill yourself. It'll be okay. He'll come running back to you!).

And, really... what the hell was up in New Moon when she practically refused to meet Edwards eyes, instead focusing her gaze on his mouth? Then once things start getting "iffy" with Jacob... imagine that! She starts looking at his mouth when she's talking to him. Like she's some unworthy, subordinate 1930's little woman that isn't worthy of looking a man in the eye? Really? And where the hell is this girls self-confidence? Grrr!!

And Edward! Well... in Twilight he was leaning hard on some stalker tendencies, and in New Moon he, too, turned suicidal. I get the "romantic" gesture behind them both not wanting to live without the other, but is that what our teenagers need to be watching? We, as adults, are stable enough - generally! LOL :) - to know that Stephanie Meyer, Melissa Rosenburg, and David Slade are NOT promoting suicide. But the books and movies aren't aimed for adults.

Of course, I don't believe that anyone tied to the Twilight Saga is any more responsible for what kids would chose to do then I believe that video games turn kids into killers. Parents that are actively involved in their kids lives are what dictates how a child behaves. You have to give your kids someone to look up too. Someone real, not fictional, that has a firm grasp on reality and the consequences of actions.

Okay, I got on a bit of a tirade there, but all the b*tching aside. I am super excited to go see the movie! I know... you can't tell, right? Hey, I am bipolar after all. I'm entitled to have my conflicting opinions! LOL

*dancing in circles while singing* "I get to see Eclipse two days early!"


Monday, June 21

Home Away from Home: Critique_This_WIP

Last week I entered into Critique_This_WIP's contest to find new members for their critique group.

At least, I think it was last week. It's late, my eyes are heavy, and my brain isn't functioning as it should... it may have been longer, it may have been shorter. Not really sure.

At any rate, rambling-ness aside, I entered and was accepted.

Yay, me!!!!

That is part of the reason I've been a little MIA over this weekend. I'm seting up a twitter account, starting another facebook page and trying to work on my WIP as much as possible.

So, you can find me, as well as four other talented ladies, on the CTW blog. Just click the photo above and bookmark the blog.

All of this has made me realize... I need to reorganize my life to make this work. Some of you may have no trouble keeping up with two blogs, a twitter, and facebook accounts while still writing. But I know me. I like distractions. I love them. Must be the A.D.D in me... I don't know.

I have to stay on a pretty tight schedule. So, in the near future I may be doing what I've seen other blogs do and schedule certain days for certain types of posts. I've really grown fond of the "Teaser Tuesday", so that will likely end up as one of my days. As for the rest, I really don't know. I'll be posting at CTW one day a week, so I'll want to post on my blog on the other days. Until I get the schedule down my posts may be sporadic. Please bear with me until then.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, though I'll be very boring until I get the hang of it. As soon as I have my facebook page completely set up I'll add it to my sidebar as well.

Okay, I think I covered it all. If not, I'll post a comment.

Sunday, June 20

Bad Boy Blogfest

Thanks to Tina at Sweet Niblets for hosting the Bad Boy Blogfest...

My scene is from one of my early novels with Hunter (who captured my heart and still has a piece of it to this day). He's a bad boy turned cop who is in love with Mariah, though he still believes she is too good for him. This is the first time they've laid eyes on one another in ten years. Mariah is on the phone with her mother when her doorbell rings. Thinking it's her friend, she flings the door open only to find....

Mariah blinked. Once. Twice. A third time, as the phone slipped from her shoulder to clatter on the tile.

“Hunter.” But Hunter Collins continued to stare at her from the opposite side of her glass screen door. Fear surged through her body. Oh, please God, no!

* * *

Hunter saw the flash of fear in her eyes, even through the glass and steel door. Her eyes never wavered from his face, yet they never quit reached his eyes.

“Can we come in?”

As if in a daze, she retrieved the phone from the floor. That alone a testament to her shock of seeing Hunter.

As if the fear in her eyes hadn’t been enough. I mean, honestly, had he done anything to put that fear there?

Fear? No. Betrayal, hurt, pain… hell, even anger, he was guilty of, but fear?
After mumbling quick, hushed tones into the phone she glanced over Hunter’s shoulder, finally seeing his partner Lanie Meyers.

“What do you want?” Her soft voice turning harsh at the end.

“Ms. Sullivan? I’m Homicide Detective Meyers, and this is Detective Collins. May we come in?”

Meyers knew that Hunter and Mariah had a past. What kind of past was a mystery to her, but he understood her desire to state their official names and ranks, though she left out that she was Lead Detective.

The color drained from her face. “H-homicide? Is there something wrong?”

“We’re not sure, ma’am. That’s what we need to talk to you about.”

Mariah opened the door, with one final glare in Hunter’s direction. “Come in. But you’ll have to make it fast. I was on my way out the door.”

The home was exactly how Hunter would imagine Mariah’s home to be. Classy, clean, and comfortable.

The living room furniture was simple. Beige couch with matching love seat took up one corner, flanked by wood end tables on each side. Over-stuffed pillows with beige, red, and gold where positioned on the couch and loveseat. And he’d bet money if he moved on a fraction of an inch it would only take Mariah long enough for his body to move before she straightened it out.

Yet the decorations and knick-knacks gave it a touch of elegance. A large country scenery picture hung behind the couch, the frame trimmed in gold, on either side hung gold candleholders with plain white long-stemmed candles.

Mariah walked to the loveseat. “Please. Set down.” She indicated the couch.
Hunter studied Mariah for several seconds while she offered them something to drink. Both, he and Meyers declined.

Once everyone was seated, Mariah wasted no time in getting to why they were setting in her house.

“What can I do for you?” Mariah directed her question at Meyers.

He understood this was how it was too be. He would be ignored unless he directly spoke. But seeing Mariah again had jumbled his thoughts so much, he needed time to recoup. He thought he’d prepared himself all the way over here. Apparently lying to himself wasn’t exactly a hardship, neither was lying to his partner when she asked repeatedly if he was okay with questioning Ms. Mariah Sullivan before arriving.

“Do you recognize this picture?” Meyers handed the plastic protected photograph.
For the second time in less then five minutes, Hunter watched the color drain from Mariah’s face. “Yes. I know the picture. Why? Where did you get it?”

“Is this a picture that has been in your possession? Or is this a picture, say a friend had?”

“It…” she cleared her throat, the color returning to her cheeks. “It’s one of my pictures. You didn’t answer where you got it.” She returned the picture to Meyers.

“We found it at a crime scene this morning, Ms. Sullivan.”

Her hands fluttered to her neck.

Such a slender, sexy neck –

Hunter forced his thoughts away from that line of thinking and forced himself to get back to business. “Is it possible for someone else to have a copy?”

“I don’t see how. It was in my photo album not more than six weeks ago.”

“Would you mind looking and seeing if it’s still there?”

“Of course.”

As soon as she left the room Meyers turned to Hunter. Though she didn’t say a word, he knew that look.

“I was caught off guard. It’s fine.”

“We have some talking to do when we leave here.” Meyers informed him seconds before Mariah walked back in the room.

“I have no doubt in my mind about that.” He knew it was coming, the moment he froze up and got lost in never, never land.

Don't forget to swing over to Tina's blog to check out all the other entries! Happy reading! :)

Friday, June 18

Breaking All the Rules Blogfest

Another great Blogfest (this one hosted by the very sweet and talented Elizabeth Mueller ) over @Breaking all the Rules…

So here’s my entry, a snippet that never received a name (It’s simply saved as Michael… yes, crude… but simple). Anything older is saved on floppy's and I have no way of accessing them...

I need to throw them away, you say? Hush your mouth. Them's my babies!

This bit actually came to me as an “idea” when I sat out on my porch during a spring storm here in Oklahoma. I named my Hero (Michael) but never got around to naming the Heroine.

Of course, after I wrote out this idea it stalled out and never amounted to anything more then taking up a few KB’s on my hard drive. It’s fairly short (only a little over 700 words).

The temperatures had decreased to bone chilling factors. The mid-day sky had darkened to a hazy gray with an almost black horizon. The few trees in the field bent to the winds brutal demand. Her hair slapped at her face viciously, as the leaves rustled fiercely. As suddenly as the wind begun, it had stopped, and in the eerie silence she could hear her rapid breathing.

Big raindrops feel from the sky, slowly at first then turning to a sudden downpour that plastered her clothes to her like an extra layer of skin. Her face and hair was drenched in a matter of seconds. She felt droplets run down her face leaving a trail. It felt as if bony fingertips made of ice had caressed her. The air had changed from the fresh smell of rain and grass to an almost wood burning smell.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. She jerked as her eyes instinctively closed causing her to release Michael’s hand.

“Michael!” Fear seized her insides.

Thunder vibrated around her, drowning out her cry, and actual shook her physically.

“I’m here.” He grasped her hand again, and continued to tug her along after him.

A sound penetrated all others, and she could’ve sworn her heart completely stopped.

A freight train.

“Run!” Michael yelled.

She knew it couldn’t be an actual freight train. But she knew what it must be. All her life she’d heard stories that tornado’s sounded like trains when they were close to you. Now, she knew it was true. That was going to be the last sound she ever heard. That horrible whining sound.

“We have to find cover!” He’d yelled but she still had to strain to hear him.

Running as fast as her legs allowed her too a force slammed into her shoulder. She stumbled with the impact, but Michael never released her hand. To scared to look back, she kept her feet moving. It was getting harder to catch her breath and it felt as if something was jabbing her side, but still she ran. What ripped through the trees and fields behind them promised to be far deadlier then little aches and pains.

“There!” He yelled.

She tired to see what had captured his attention, but it had become impossible to see through her hair, the wind, and rain.

Seconds later she crashed into his back and that’s when she saw what was to be their shelter. A square cement opening that was partially covered by grass lay in near the road they had come upon. There was no telling what was in that hole, or how deep it was, but she was more then willing to chance that then the tornado that was coming.

Michael jumped in first. His entire body had disappeared in the black depth. “Hurry, jump!”

Not giving it another seconds thought, she sat on the edge and jumped inside the dark hole. Her body contacted with his and he instantly pushed her lower to the bottom. Her hands came in contact with something slimy and damp. Smothering a scream, she forced herself to not jump from the entity.

Michael wrapped his wide body on top of hers, burying her head beneath his chest. He smelled of earth, rain, and sweat.

“Whatever happens, keep your head tucked down.” He guided her hands to a round cold object.

A metal pipe, she guessed.

“And do not let go!”

She pulled her body as close to the pipe and hugged it to her chest as firmly as she could. She felt Michael press into her back, sandwiching her between him and the pipe.

The wind and debris had found its way into their sanctuary. Objects hit her arms and hands painfully, even as Michael’s body shielded hers.

All the while that horrifying sound grew louder and closer. She squeezed her eyes shut.

Please, let us make it through this. Please!

“I love you, Michael.” She whispered, fear controlling the volume of her voice.

Moments later the sound dissipated and the wind died down, but she kept her grip on the pipe until she felt Michael’s body relax as well. He unwrapped himself from the protective cover and pulled her to face him.

He stated simply. “I heard that.” And kissed her trembling lips.

Okay... go over to Elizabeth's blog and see all the other entries by daring women!

Wednesday, June 16

My First (and Second) Blogger Award!!!

Melissa @ Through the Looking Glass and Tessa @ Tessa's Blurb have been gracious and sweet enough to gift me with The Versatile Blogger award.

My first and second award all at once. ... wait... does that mean I have to gift it to thirty people?? I don't think I even have that many followers yet! Oh, I know! I will gift one today and one at a later date! A plan.. I love it!

I've only had my blogger up for less then a month and I feel truly honored to be noticed by these two great woman, and by everyone who has read my blog, commented on it, and those who have chose to follow my blog.

So Thank You to Melissa and Tessa, and to all of you who have given me feedback on my posts or just stopped in to drop a line.

Okay... so... the rules of the award.

*sigh*... yes, yes I know. That dirty word - Rules. But in this case they actually seem to be quite fun!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who think you are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order...)
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.


I'm gonna get the first one out of the way for those of you who wish to laugh insistently at me can do so right off the bat. *clears throat*

1. I think Vanilla Ice is super sexy and yes, Cool as Ice is one of my favorite movies. Okay... goofy hair and horrible 90's rap clothes aside, who can not lust after that smile and those eyes?

Okay... You done laughing? Should I give you a few more minutes??

*shakes head* No, by all means. Get it out of your system.

Okay. Carrying on.

2. I'm a twilight fan - even though I think Edwards tends to be a little creepy and Bella is super co-dependent and perhaps even suicidal. I still find myself completely hooked on the books and I'm right there when the movies come to theaters.

3. My son will be going on his first date with a girl this weekend and all I can think is - I'm really not ready to be a grandma. Yeah, I know...it's just a date. Tell that to my brain....

4.I think the greatest thing you can do in this world is be yourself. And if yourself happens to be a bipolar, A.D.D aspiring author, then by all means. Be that. I know I enjoy it. :)

5. I believe in living by the Golden Rule... I also believe in An Eye for An Eye. And I can only turn the other cheek once. Then I'm outta cheeks except the one I then tell them they can kiss. :-)~

6. I'm a perfectionist. I hate not getting things right the first time. And I don't understand why this gene wasn't passed onto to ANY of my three children.

7. My brother is my hero. He's been there for me my whole life and, now - as an adult - I realize how much he truly protected me from, and I love him even more for it.

Now, on to the next step...

1.Katie @ Katie M. Stout
2. Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Mueller
3. Sangu @ Echoes of a Wayward Mind
4. Rashelle @ A No.2 pencil stat!
5.Kelsey @ Take My Hand...
6.Theresa @ Substitute Teacher's Sage
7.Angela @ Slushpile Slut
8. Olivia @ That Rebel with a Blog
9. Tara @ Feel of Something New
10. Amalia @ Good to Begin Well, Better To End Well

Well... as you can tell, I only have 10. There were others that I planned to give the award to either just received it (or already has) it on their blog. At any rate... now off to let everyone know!

Getting Inside Your Characters Head: Easy-Peazy or Oh, Puh-leaze!!

Just one question here... Are you effing serious???

Insane guy in picture above aside... As odd as it sounds, I find it easier - and more fun - to get to know my antagonist (villain). I enjoy getting to toying with the different aspects of the "bad guy". He has no limits to his evil deeds, the despicable way he behaves, or the words he speaks. He is the ideal character.

I find that I have very little problems when it comes to getting inside my antagonist's mind. His essence flows easily, I know exactly what he wants, what to take from him, and how to bend him to my will.

So why is it that my other characters are harder to understand?

Maybe it's because I despise the "cookie-cutter" heroine who is beautiful, sweet, every man wants her and every woman envies her, she bakes apple pies for the fundraisers and drives the elderly to the store. It's a fine line to walk with adding just the right amount of quirks to her. I'd prefer her to have a scar across her neck and a "not putting up with anyone's shit" attitude, but do readers really want that?

And the hero... I don't do the "I am Tarzan, hear me roar" type. I don't want him to be a whipped loser that gets ran over by the heroine, or anyone else. And he has to steer clear of any resemblance of "I am the man, you will cook for me, wait on me hand and foot, jump when I say go and if I say you can't go shopping you better keep you ass at home" mentality.

I've just gotten so burnt out on these fictional worlds where only perfect beautiful people are introduced. Have I allowed my resentment of this to stunt the growth of my main characters? Is my problem the fact that I refuse to allow the "good guys" to talk to me, as open and honest as they need to? Do I try to fit them in my own version of a "anti cookie-cutter" that I'm not allowing them to be themselves? I'm starting to see it that way.

One of my all time favorite books - simply because of the characters in it - is Karen Templeton's What a Man's Gotta Do This is the first book I can ever remember reading that didn't have your typical hero/heroine in it. It's also one of the few books I can reread countless times.

Okay, don't get me wrong. I still want the hero to be hot. And I don't want to see a heroine that can give Hatchett Face (from Cry Baby) a run for her money. And, yes, I know that writing has grown a lot, but me -personally - have I let my hangups enter into my writing? Therefore becoming a thorn in my own side? Me thinkest so!

What about you? Have you let your own hangups affect your writing? If so in what way and how did you overcome it?

Tuesday, June 15

Character Interview Blogfest

I’m off on another Blogfest… what can I say… I’m hooked. They are great outlets for creativity and meeting awesome people!

Character Interview Blogfest goes in thanks to Sangu@Echoes of a Wayward Mind who’s hosting this beast! {{hugs}} and many thanks! Don’t forget to stop at her Blog and check out all the entries! It’s sure to be interesting reading.

On to my interview. I chose the Antagonist in my current WIP since I’ve been in character development with him as it were. This is my first attempt to interview a character in this capacity. Generally my interviews are simply a question/answer type of thing. I hope you enjoy it and that I didn't screw it up too badly!

Chatting with Elijah Fuqua:

I’m expecting a visit from Elijah, the “villain” in my newest WIP. I’ve agreed to meet him in a “neutral” surrounding - his insistence, not mine. I’ve been inside him mind for the last few days, and I dare say he’s slightly ticked off at me. Evident by the fact that he was suppose to be here twenty minutes ago and I’m still the only person at Shannon Springs Park.

Striving to appear calm – even though Elijah creeps me the hell out – I continue to sip on my cherry limeade while constantly scanning my surroundings. I’d be concerned that he planned to stand me up, except the one thing he can’t stand is the unknown. And he still doesn’t know how his story ends or if this is part of – ah, here he comes now.

Elijah looks so ordinary, so normal in his white polo shirt and khaki shorts. Who would imagine the kind of twisted mind that lurked under the gloss of dark waves on his head?

Tossing the Styrofoam cup into a near trash bin, with my back to him, I give myself a few seconds to prepare for this confrontation.

His footsteps near so I paste on a smile and face him with all the gusto I can gather. “Good afternoon.”

“Yes, it was.” He lowers his tall, lanky form into the bench – staying as far away from me as possible, his body rigid as his eyes darted around the park.

“Was? Care to elaborate?”

“Is that question part of your interview?”

I chose to ignore his tone. It's not easy, but over the last few days I’ve learned how to manipulate his mind - to a degree.

Silence was golden.

Keeping the power of knowledge in my corner was vital to get any information out of him.

A long silence stretches between us before he finally broke. “I had plans for this afternoon, and that’s all you’re gonna get.”

“Why are you so nervous?”

He leveled his intense green eyes on me. “I don’t trust you.”

“I'm here to tell your side of things, as well. Why on earth wouldn't you trust me?”

“Which reason would you like?”

“Any reason that you're inclined to share.”

“I’m not an imbecile. Don’t treat me like one. I know you plan to capture me. Or, rather-” his gaze swept up and down the length of my body with slow efficiency “-have one of your boy toys do the job for you.”

I’d rather not get into a spitting contest with Elijah, but damn, he sure knew how to push my buttons as well. With what I hoped was indifference I shrugged a shoulder.

“You know, as well as I do, that Braden is looking for you. If, or when, he catches you will have nothing to do with me. I’m simply the messenger.”

“You ever heard that old saying about what happens to the messengers?”

“Can we get back to our interview?” It was time to get this thing underway so I could get the hell away from him and back to the characters that didn’t reach a 10 on my creep factor.

“Actually,” with a feline’s grace Elijah slid his arm along the back of the wooden bench while leaning close enough to me that I could smell his aftershave. The woodsy scent stuck in my throat, lodged right above the breathe I couldn't seem to expel.

“There is no interview. I only have one thing to say to you. Stay the hell out of my business.”

With his warning hanging in the breeze he stood and walked ten feet before stopping as if he suddenly remembered something. A smug smirk played across his deceptive good looks when he glanced back at me. “And tell Braden I said, ‘Let the games begin.’”

Monday, June 14

Bad Laptop!

Okay, I'll be honest. It's not so much "bad laptop" as it is "bad Suzie". I've gotten so obsessed with blogfests and getting my blog off the ground that I've neglected my WIPs. All of them! And, yes, that is New Moon playing on the TV in the background. Yet, another distraction... *sigh*.

So, with it being my husbands two days off - which translates to total free/writing time for me - I have to get my head back in my WIPs. At least one of them. I have my next blogfest, Character Interview, ready to auto post around 3am tonight.

You can find the linky on my sidebar to the blogfest hosted by Sangu. I'd post a linky here but I guess I haven't figured out html all that well because every post so far has whacked out fonts no matter how hard I try to fix them.

Okay, I got off subject there. Irrelevant, really, since I think I'm using this post as another distraction. *evil grin* Now it's time to flip the switch so I no longer can get connected and force my mind away from blogfests, reading blogs, and movies and back on my WIPs.

*tearful sob* Good-bye blogs. Until next time... like a day or two. :)

Saturday, June 12

The Next Top Title Blogfest

This is my first Blogfest (hosted by the gracious wench Slushpile Slut) so *fingers crossed, big sigh* here I go:

Keep in mind I haven’t researched to see if any of the titles are already out there. They are just ones that popped in my head for this Blogfest…


No Shame for the Wicked

Immortal Dance

Stiletto Hellbound

Hot on the Heels of Hell


Her Deadly Package

Killing Time

Hunter’s Lover

Secret Denied

Okay, there's my entries - no laughing or snickers please! If this blogfest wasn't such fun, I'd never have subjected thoughts off the top of my head for review!! LOL! Now, get over to Slushpile's blog and check out all the other entries!

Friday, June 11

Grammar Basics 1: I Ain't Gotta Learn That Does I?


I recently entered to join a crit group and having had to crit a members work brought something glaringly to my attention.

While I was trying to explain that I know how a sentence should sound, but couldn’t explain why it didn’t sound right, I realized… I hate Grammar (And I suck at knowing what’s what).

What can I say? I hate the mechanics of Grammar.

Yes, I said that and still have enough nerve to label myself as an aspiring author. I know what I want to say, and – generally – how to say it. Though if you ask me if it’s in past, pretense or future tense with an adverb, adjective, or whatever… I’m lost.

I know Nouns (person, place, or thing – easy). I’ve been learning verbs (action) and adverbs (describes verb, generally ending in – ly).

As far as the rest go? I’m like a four year old whose parents told her to clean her room… in one ear and out the other. If I’m to behave as a professional – aspiring or otherwise - shouldn’t I at least respect, what basically amounts to, the very foundation of my craft?

So, in an effort to help myself, I’m hoping to help other’s struggle (provided I’m not alone on in my hatred of grammar).

Onto to Grammar Basics 1 – Suzie style…

Noun: person, place or thing - singular nouns are almost always stronger then plural: “Aggressive snort of the black stallion” (singular) reads strong then “horde of wild mustangs (plural).

Proper Noun: Name of certain people, places, or things (Sally, Robert, United States of America, New Orleans…etc). Certain nouns – such as mother or father – only become proper nouns when they take the place of a name.

Abstract Nouns: Ideas, qualities, and other intangibles (fear, freedom, neglect).

Concrete Nouns: Tangible items experienced through our five senses (bottle, telephone, letters, blanket, perfume).

Collective Nouns: Name groups - groups as a whole use singular verbs while individual members of that group use plural verbs *more in later posts. (army, communities, herd, senior class).

Count Noun: items that can be counted, frequently accompanied by adjective showing how many. One dollar, seven pills, half-dozen sandwiches.

Noncount Nouns: items that come in quantities not capable of being counted. Most fall in certain categories.
Food: butter, milk, flour, sugar
Nonfood bulk material: asphalt, oxygen, rain, snow, gold
Abstractions: love, anger, pity, stress

Pronouns: Word substituted for a noun. Pronouns are used in place of proper nouns.(she, he, it, they, we, you, and I).

Personal Pronouns: Specific persons, places, or things.
Singular: I, me, you, he, she, him, her, it
Plural: we, us, you, they, them

Possessive pronouns show ownership.
Singular: my, mine, your, yours, her, his, it.
Plural: our(s), your(s), their(s)

Demonstrative Pronouns: Point out nouns they replace. (this, that, those, these).

Indefinite Pronouns: Refer to nonspecific persons or things (all, any, anybody, anything, both, everybody, everyone, everything, few, many, no one, nothing, somebody, someone, something, several, some).

Interrogative Pronouns: introduce questions - who(ever), whom(ever), whose, which(ever), what(ever)

Relative Pronouns: join a dependent clause to a noun - who(ever), whom(ever), whose, which, that.

Intensive & Reflexive Pronouns: consist of personal pronouns plus -self or -selves. Intensive refers back to noun or other pronoun for emphasis: I did it myself. Reflexive refers back to subject for emphasis or to complete the meaning: I washed myself.
Singular: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself
Plural: ourselves, yourselves, themselves

Okay, now that my head is properly spinning into oblivion... I think I'll lie down and take a nap.

Am I the only writer that just loathes aspects of grammar? What are your thoughts on grammar? Do you have easy tips and tricks that you use to help point you in the right "grammatical" direction?

Thursday, June 10

Old Loves (& the WIP's They're In).... Love 'Em & Leave 'Em??

I was over at Tina's blog, Sweet Niblets, and stumbled across the fact that she's hosting a Bad Boy Blogfest...

Which instantly brought to mind my personal, favorite bad boy Hunter Collins...

He made his appearance in one of my early novels and has retained a piece of my heart ever since. So, in preparation to the Bad Boy Blogfest (BBB) I went back to Hunter's story and began reading through to find a tidbit to post for the Blogfest. After skimming through his story it made me wonder....

When we move on from a WIP it's generally because we've grown as writers. That causes those particular WIP to stall out, not work, or just has way too many issues to go through and fix (at least that's how it works for me).

Either the characters are not very strong or the plot is way off the map or a combination of both. Either way, when I do happen to reread an early WIP I can always tell I’ve grown as a writer. I tend to shake my head and think “Wow… Imagine where I’ll be in another year when I learn even more!”

Therefore, I've always lived by a Love 'Em & Leave 'Em mentality with those WIPs. I have tons of WIPs like that. Scattered all over my hard drives on my laptop and desktop, not to mention saved on disks, floppy's (yeah, from that long ago) and flash drives. I don't have the heart to delete them, but I know that most of them are not worth trying to resurrect.

Having skimmed through Hunter’s story, I didn’t have my moment of head shaking. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know that plot has holes in it the size of Oklahoma. My characters (Hunter included *sniffle*) have a ways to go before they’re ready to let the world know them, but is Hunter worth resurrecting? And not just Hunter, but Mariah – his heroine – and all the others?

I still love their story.

When I read through the WIP looking for what I wanted to add for the BBB I fell in love with all of them again. Just from the few minutes that I spent with them. Doesn’t that make them worth spending the time it would take to advance their story to my experience?

What’s your take on your past WIPs? Do you keep rewriting them until they fit your experience? Or do you stand by a Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em mentality? Is there that one WIP, that one Character, that stays in your mind often that would be worth revitalizing their story?

Wednesday, June 9

Blog Hop

While I was at Tessa's Blurbs looking over all the wonderful blogfests she has posted I noticed a Blog Hop...

Now, I don't know exactly what this is (please forgive me) and am new to blogging... I'm trying to join and learn as I go. So, until I know better what a "Blog Hop" is, what my joining it means, and where to put it... I've added it as a post on my page. Any help on where it goes or what it is would be greatly appreciated! :)