Sunday, May 23

Welcome to my bloggy world....

I've had the urge to write flowing through my veins for as long as I can remember... but this blogger business? It's new and scary.

What does one write about? What, about my life, could be entertaining to someone else? Do I write about my "writers" life? My real life? Or a clever mixture of both?

My real life is filled with changing diapers, breaking up bickering boys, cleaning house, cooking dinner, and writing or editing my manuscript (MS) every spare chance I get. And now, on the eve of school being out for the summer, I decide to start a blog?

What can I say? I'm a rebel. :-| Or insane (that's more likely).

I love trying new things, especially new things that are tied to writing. My cyber-social life is none existent. I have no clue how to make friends when you're hidden behind a monitor and can't interact on a more personal level. Things that I say that would make a someone laugh in person may just fall short hidden behind emotion-less words typed on a screen....

Then it dawned on me...

This blogging can actually
help me as a writer. If I can't get my emotions across on a blog, how can I expect publishers, and eventually readers, to feel the emotions my characters are feeling? Of course, characters are easier to deal with. You have the witty actions to fit the charming dialogue to mix for a perfect combination of emotions. Here I simply have a blog and my words.

That should prove every interesting. And educational.

So, bring on the blogging....


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