Friday, September 10

NaNoWriMo 2010

I've already added the countdown clock on my sidebar. There's 51 days, 1 hour, and 25 minutes until NaNo 2010 starts (CST) until my writer life becomes sleep deprived, I'm indulging an increased intake of caffeine and drowning in high levels of stress. Wait...

That's pretty much normal, right?

You gotta love it, though. Otherwise, why would you do something so crazy as being a writer? Or participate in NaNo.

Yes, yes I am that excited for NaNo to start this year.

Last year was my first year doing NaNo and I look forward to doing going through all that trauma again.With just a little under two months until NaNo. September, October, and November are going to be hectic, for me. This month I have to finish up edits on No Shame for the Wicked and - at least - get damn close to finishing up The Little Things (the working title for my anthology entry). Next month is the writer conference, which I've already been emailed an "assignment" over, so I have to read a book and do character assessments for the assignment. I'm sure more are to come. November 1st embarks the beginning of NaNo as well as signals the deadline for the anthology entry. I guess I'll see how well I work under pressure.

The divas (and diva dudes) at Romance Divas forums have been a tremendous help to keeping me on task. Those Chat N Challenges have helped me through more than one tough spot.

Just for a little FYI... I found my little post buddy that I'll have for all NaNo related blog posts once NaNo begins? Wanna see it? Oh, you know you do. He's so adorable - in a frenzed, scary kind of way... Okay, here he is.

Are you going to participate in NaNo? If so are you plotting your MS like a mad woman/man *waves hand, "that's be me!!"* or are you gonna pants the whole 50K? Have you done NaNo in the past? Will this be your first time? Add me as a writing buddy on NaNo and let's hit that mark together!! You can find me as "Jacee_Drake".


Thursday, September 9

Mills & Boon New Voices Contest

*Update* My Chapter 1 approval came in at about 3 am last night. So it you tried to view the entry before then and only saw my pic, you can read Chapter 1 now.

Yep, you guessed it. I entered. My first ever contest. Of course, given everything I have going on right now, I probably shouldn't have. But I couldn't help myself. :D

It would be awesome if y'all could hope over there, read my entry, and vote for it (though the first round is judged by judges). As always, vote honestly. I constantly wear a thick skin. You gotta when you were raised with a brother like mine. ;)

Wish me luck! And good luck to anyone else who is entering!


Wednesday, September 8

Alpha by Rachel Vincent

Usually you don't see video's on my blog. Mainly because I have satellite internet which has wickedly low daily download restrictions (hate it!!!), but also because there just aren't too many that I feel compelled to share. But in this case, I just had to make an exception!

The trailer to Alpha by Rachel Vincent gets special treatment. Rachel is holding an awesome contest at her blog. Post the trailer of Alpha on your blog for the chance to win an early, signed copy of Alpha.

Since I absolutely love her werecat series with Faythe, and since Alpha (obviously) is the only book I'm missing from that series, I'm posting the trailer, crossing my fingers, and hoping for that early, signed copy.


Sunday, September 5

Sunday Update

Well, I'm actually posting on a Sunday before I go to bed. Though I barely did any writing or editing on No Shame (I may have added nearly 1,000 words), I do feel as if I accomplished a great deal this week.

I spent my week off from edits preparing for next weeks edits (plot holes, changes, etc). I've also taken care of about 98% of everything needed for the Muse Online Writer's Conference. I've made a few changes here on my blog, as well as begun a website that is only about 25% of the way complete.

I've added another personal blog to my list. It's just starting out... literally. One post is all it has right now. :( But that will change. It'll be my more... *clears throat* adult blog. Feel free to swing by over there and become a follower on it, as well. You can find the link to it on the right sidebar of this blog or on my on my profile.

Starting this coming up week I'll have at least one evening off each week. The new season of Sons of Anarchy starts on Tuesday so I'll be un-contactable (yeah, I know it's not a real word :D) during that hour every week.


Monday, August 30

Sunday Progress: Yep... On a Monday

No Shame for the Wicked Update:

I've changed and updated my personal deadlines on my previous post. Since finding OneNote I have spent a considerable amount of time getting everything put inside my No Shame for the Wicked notebook. I finally reached the 35K of my edits (not sure about total word count. I haven't added it yet).

Adding all my information into OneNote I've found a few plot holes and some character inconsistencies that I'm now able to fix before I get to far into my edits. And I can feel that the story is now stronger and better.

Safe house Info
True to my desire to better my MS and enter every bit of information I can about No Shame for the Wicked into OneNote that I can, I'm using this week to update OneNote. No edit goals this week, though I know I'll still edit. I can't just not write anything. That would drive me insane.


Anthology Update:

Also this week, I'm slowly adding more info for my Anthology too. Using OneNote with my anthology - actually putting the info in before I write - will be my first attempt at using OneNote early on. I can't wait to see how much more convenient it is. I haven't completed the plotting process yet, but I am adding the locale's, cars, characters, and plot points - thus far - and I'm happy with how smoothly it's running.

I really need to start toying around with for a title for my Anthology (even a working title) because just calling it "anthology" or Marissa and Nate is getting rather boring to me. Once I have a little more info of the MS I'll post and ask ya'll to help me come up with a name for it. Lord knows I'll need the help. :)

And don't forget... Wednesday I have a post coming up on CTW about getting organized.

Sunday, August 29

A "Gotta Have" for You're Writer's Toolbox: OneNote

*Pic blurry, but gives you the idea*

is a Microsoft Office application that you can buy separately for around $80 or if you have Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 Home and Student suite (or higher) this program comes with what you already have.

And I strongly, strongly, strongly urge you to buy and/or use it.
Here's why (and since my husband says I can't tell the short version of any story, I'll tell ya how I stumbled onto OneNote in the first place).

I was over at Kaye Dacus’ website and found an link called Writing Series Index. Before I get into OneNote, do that whole right-click-open-in-new-window thing to Kaye's website and slip over to there look through her comprehensive Writing Series Index - when you're done reading my post, of course :).

Trust me, there is way more there then what you think. Very informational, very helpful. As well as some "You Know You're a Writer If..." just for fun at the bottom of the page. Seriously, I can't urge you enough to check out her Writing Series Index (WSI).
*see picture below*

Okay, got a little sidetracked there.

Back to OneNote. While in Kaye's WSI I read through a post of hers titled, "I Should Probably Write That Down". In that post she talks about OneNote (with pictures included). And thanks to the very lovely and gracious Kaye, she's allowed me to share her OneNote pictures here, on my blog, so that you can be inspired by her and OneNote as I was.

I don't know if it's me personally or the writer in me, but I am a very disorganized person. Which conflicts badly with my need for perfection. In the twelve (12) hours since I've begun using OneNote, I know that it is one of my Eureka Writer Moments. You can easily organize all - and I do mean ALL - your information on your novels (whether series or category) easily.
The picture below is of one of Kaye Dacus' Characters:
Sample of Kaye's House Info:

That's just two (of several) pictures of OneNote she has on her website.

Below I'm adding one of my own OneNote files folders on Lorena's car (file not complete). I'm still very early on in transferring all my notes and info to OneNote, but you can get a general idea of it.

I strongly urge you to watch the video for OneNote. While I’m nowhere near close to figuring it all out, I’ve not been this excited about a program since my discovery of Microsoft Word. Yes, sad, I know. But you have to realize. Before Word I was a 100% hand-written writer. :(

All pictures (of Kaye's) are used with the written permission of Kaye Dacus

One of my favorite “You Know You’re a Writer If…”

  • You have a folder on your computer labeled “Ideas.” Some of the files within this folder have only one or two words or sentences and while they made perfect sense fifteen years ago, between the software changes in that period of time garbling half the words and your own faulty memory, you have no idea what it means or where you were going with it. But you keep it anyway because you never know, you might remember it eventually.
Are you a current OneNote user? Care to share some tips, tricks, or hints about the program with me and my readers? Are you looking forward to trying OneNote? Tried it and hated it? Share all your thoughts on OneNote (or any other writing program) with me.

Sunday, August 22

Sunday Update

I've fallen short of my weekly goal of 10K edits for my first week of self-imposed deadlines. I've had two teenage boys, a pre-teen boy, and a toddler princess in my house for the last two days. I'm damn fortunate that I got the 1,000 words wrote/edited that I did.

Here it is, Sunday evening, and I'm 3,505 words short of 10K. Granted it's still early; we're about to have dinner. I'm sure I could pound out another 1 or 2 K if I ate at my desk and kept my ass in the seat and my hands on the keyboard before turning in tonight. Possible more if I decided to stay up a little later.

But, you know what. I don't think I will. I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished considering I came up with the plan mid-week and had to make up for a couple of non-editing days.

Besides, next weekend is my mother's weekend with the kids, so I'm hoping to get some major numbers behind me then. And I always seem to be able to work better when the two older ones are in school (I have the toddler princess on the waiting list for the three year old head-start in town. How great would that be? Four whole hours to myself!!! WooHoo).

PS: Isn't the TEEHEE kitty just adorable!

Have you reached your personal goals or hopes this week? Do you forgive yourself when you fail?

Wednesday, August 18

The Light at the End of This Tunnel!

Things are going pretty damn good, finally!

Things are looking up. I'm back in the groove of editing. I found a doctor that is happily doing her job. I've even managed to work out a schedule that will - hopefully - keep me on track with my edits and have No Shame for the Wicked completely done and ready for submission by mid-September.

Which will be in time for the Muse Online Writers Conference.

Each Sunday - which is the end of the week for me, not the beginning - I'll post an update to my progress.

And this is what my new set of goals look like:

Edits for No Shame: 1,429 Words a Day @ 10K a week for the next 5 weeks... which breaks down like so: (Goal should be met by date listed) Updated due to Plot Changes 8-28

August 29th
: 35K

September 5th: Synopsis, Outline, and OneNote completed

September 12th: 45K

September 16th : 55K

September 19th: 65K

September 26th: 75K

Character and Plot development - and first draft - for Springtime Romance Anthology (Since the submission isn't actually due until November 1st I'm a little more lenient/less disciplined with the Anthology - for now):

September 5th: Finish Character Development, Sketches, and Back Story

September 12th: Complete Plot development and begin outline

September 19th: Complete Outline

September 26th: 15K Words Wrote

October 3rd: Complete first draft/begin edits.

And let's not forget about Carlee and John's story that I have burning a whole through my brain. Since it's not on any submissions (yet) I'll see how these goals work out before I add that story in the mix.

EDITED & ADDED: I just had an awesome idea! Since I'm now a NaNo addict (last year was my first) and I haven't wrote a single word on Carlee and John, just simply plotted. I'll save their novel for NaNo! I have to plot the novel before NaNo starts and if I tried a new novel I would have to start the plotting at least by mid-October (at least!!). So, now I know what Carlee and John's place in my life will be for the next two and a half months! They're sidelined until November 1st! Oooohhhh, they are gonna be soooo ticked off. :)

Since I'm having these wonderful insights mid-week -does writing insights ever hit at a good time?- things will be a wee bit different this week. I'll have to push for more like 2K words edited on No Shame. Which is why I didn't add Springtime Romance until the end of next week.

Which shouldn't be a big deal. On good days I can edit an entire chapter (roughly 5K words), but I can't do that everyday (luv ya kiddos!) so I'm hoping a 2K a day/1429 a day goal helps on days that I can't edit the way I want to.

Plus it should give me motivation to get it done, especially if I know that I'm not going to meet my self-imposed deadlines.

What's your experience with self-imposed deadlines? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Tolerate 'em? Are you a X amount of pages/words a day kinda person? Or just write what you write and not care how many words or pages you put out?

Wednesday, August 11

Muse Online Conference 2010: Cost - FREE!

I stumbled across this... um, somewhere while I was traipsing through blogger-land, and I just had to share it with all of you, my writer friends.

That's right! A FREE online writer's conference! (As long as you register before the deadline. After the deadline there is a $5 fee).
*see, I even added a quick link for easy access*

But hurry, because the deadline is August 15th . Here, let me explain. Or rather, let me quote their home page:

Registration is now open for our October 11 - 17, 2010 Conference!
Deadline to register is August 15, 2010. Don't delay! Register today!

No matter where you live, what you write, at what point you are in your writing career, you'll find a workshop that fits your needs during our weeklong conference.

No hidden costs. Our conference is FREE, but we do ask for donations to help support this site and our cause - to continue offering you FREE workshops each year.

And this is on the registration page:

Date of conference: October 11 - 17, 2010

Registration deadline: August 15, 2010

First 1000 writers who register before deadline pay no fee. If more than 2000 register before the deadline, hey, we're happy and will give you a FREE pass.

Registering after the deadline, however, a small fee of $5.00 will be enforced, payable via Paypal. More info will be included in the FAQ, which is currently in the construction stage.

622 - 674 - 805 - 890 - 934
Either way, you can't beat it. An online writer's conference for free (or five bucks!). Still not sure? Okay, I'll feed ya more tidbits.

Please make sure to place your membership in INDIVIDUAL EMAILS because the registration group is not an interactive group - only posts by me. If you don't then you will miss updates and calls for upcoming pitch sessions and workshops offered throughout the year.

This is part one. Before the 2010 conference begins you will get an info email with the final stage before the conference begins. This stage includes the agenda and time table of the workshops along with your agenda handout to fill out.

Directly after that quote on the registration page you'll see a address site for a yahoo group. Now, I've never attended a writer's conference of any kind, much less one online. But, hey, it's free... what can it hurt? I, for one, am super stoked!

Sunday, August 8

Writing Progress Update

I haven't posted since last weekend. I wished I could say it was because I was making so much progress on one or all of my WIPs. That I have edited chapters on No Shame, that I was further in my plot of Carlee and John's story, and that I was well under way of the idea/inciting incident for the Springtime Romance anthology I'm hoping to enter.

Unfortunately, I can't say all that. I'm still struggling to get in the groove of everything and I spent three days of not even turning on a single computer.

Yeah, I've done some more editing and added several more words on No Shame, but that's as far as my accomplishments have made it this week. Which reminds me, I need to update my word count widget-thingy's on my sidebar.

I think it's the anticipation of school starting that's got me all frazzled. Days of being able to actually concentrate, to work... ahhh, I can't wait. And between now and then, I'll just sputter my way through a few pages of edits at a time.

Friday, July 30

Kid Free Weekend: Does It Equal Plenty of Writer Time?

My mother, bless her soul, had picked up my kiddos for her monthly weekend visit. And I have just one word to offer.

*Dancing in circles, doin' the booty-pop*
I've really, really, really needed this kid-free weekend. Aside from the hope that I'll get plenty of writing, editing, plotting, and critiquing done with all this free time, I just really need a breather from the stresses of my three rebellious children.

Yeah, I know. I'm such a horrible mother. I love my children more then anything, but when you're bipolar and haven't been on your meds in.... oh, close to six months now(?)... Trust me... you welcome the break.

Speaking of breaks: Is it illegal to break into the doctor's office and throw a temper-tantrum and bust up all their shit until they actually get off their asses and do something for you? Hmmm... I'll have to look into that.

Back to my kid-free dreams for the weekend... I think I'll order a pizza, crack open the bottle of wine, and - if I get at least one crit done, 1000 new words wrote, and 2000 edited words by this evening - I may just veg out in front of the Sons of Anarchy or Supernatural as a treat for not snapping and breaking into the doctors office ... this week. *grins*

Guess the only way to accomplish that list is to get my fingers in gear and get started.

What's you're methods for relaxation? When you have those moments of free-time, how do you spend them? Do you ever fantasize about breaking into my doctors office? Would you like to? =D

Thursday, July 29

100 Followers Contest at CritiqueThisWIP

We've reached 100 followers at CritiqueThisWIP!

Yay! *dances in circles*

And, as a way to show our appreciation we're holding a contest! So what are the wonderful prizes? Well, I'm glad you asked. Since CritiqueThisWIP is all about critiquing and us helping each other on the path to publication, what better way to show some love to our followers then by doing what we do. So, here's the prizes:

**First Place: Three (3) chapters critiqued by CTW members!

**Second Place: Two (2) chapters critiqued by CTW members!

**Third Place One (1) chapter critiqued by CTW members!

The contest will run from today (July 29th) to Friday August 6th, and the winners will be announced on Monday August 9th.

Interested? Oh, come on! You know you are! Head over to CTW and participate in our contest! We look forward to seeing you over at CTW.

Also, I'm halfway to 100 followers here on Writer Junkie. And I'm chomping at the bit to host a 100 follower contest here. I even have prizes picked out. =D

Monday, July 26

Author Interview @ CTW: Suzie Bethell

Today Jill interviewed me over at Critique This WIP... so head over there and read the inner-workings of my mind! If you dare. :D

I know I've been MIA for quite some time now. We learned Saturday, the 17th, that my husband's brother passed away. I wasn't particular close to that brother of my husband's, but he was. So it's been a trying time for him and I've spent little to no time on anything of mine writing related. I did post my Tuesday Tag over at CTW, which you can read by clicking here. I also edited about 3000 more words on No Shame.

Now that my husband has gone back to work, I'm hoping to do the same, as well. Last night I stayed up working on my Wednesday post on CTW which I'll be talking about the elements you want to add in your climatic scene, or Black Moment as some call it. So, keep checking back for updates.

Sunday, July 18

~Blogfest of Death: Time to Die!!~

This wonderful blogfest ~Blogfest of Death~ is hosted by my fellow CTW-er Tessa . Thanks Tessa, for such an awesome blogfest. Anytime I can kill someone is a bright, happy day for me! Metaphorically speaking, of course! :)

So, for Tessa's blogfest I decided to kill someone random just for the sport of it!! Mwahhhhhhaaaaaa

*clears throat* O_o What?

My little Snippet which I've titled simply "Friends"

Suki Wilson cried softly into her hands. Blood smeared across her hands, face, and covered her body in the rich acidic coppery scent.

She had loved Seth so much, and hated him almost as much. But did that excuse her actions? How could she have done what she did? How could she have allowed him to aggravate her to this extreme? She’d always known he could bring out the worst in her, but was this really it?

Who the hell was she now that she’d committed this act? This strange, insane woman, crying because she’d killed the man she loved most or was she the same woman as when she’d gotten out of bed this morning? Would God now open the gates of Heaven to strike her dead and watch, laughing, as he sent her to the pits of Hell?

An eternity ago, when she picked up the knife, all she wanted to do was shut him up for two seconds. In one fit of rage, it ended up being permanent. A hysterical laugh erupted from her throat.

Well, dead men didn’t talk, did they?

But what happened to the women that killed them?

A Maximum Security Women’s Prison, where a woman nicknamed Butch made you regret every dishonest thing you’d done since birth.

Oh, and then there was Hell… well, there was no need to think of that one. It made the Women’s Prison a vacation.

Oh, God… or worse… she’d be damned with a guilty conscience that made one place both and ten times more unbearable.

She couldn’t go to prison. Hell was the one place she couldn’t control, but prison she could.

What on earth could she possibly say to the police that would convince them that she hadn’t intended to kill Seth? That he was damn annoying and didn’t know when to shut up? That after fifteen years, she’d finally reached her limit and forced him to shut up? Maybe she could just be honest, tell them how she knew he loved her more than anything, but continually disrespected her with near daily emotional abuse.

She shook her head. That wouldn’t work. They’ll still lock ya up and throw away the key. Do you realize how many women use that “abuse” excuse for murder?

Just a mere two feet from Seth’s lifeless body, she stood and paced as her brain accessed the facts and possibilities. The only sound was her labored breathing, her footsteps silenced by the thick carpeting. Rubbing her forehead along the brow line, she forced her mind to work.

She could go to the cops. Admit what she’d done and spend the rest of her life behind bars. But that really wasn’t an option. She knew murder was wrong, but she also knew her conscience would remind her everyday what she’d done, and that would have to be punishment enough.

If it weren’t for that five inch long gash across his throat she could possibly make it look like an accident. Everyone who knew Seth knew how accident prone he was. But there was no way someone could accidentally slit their own throat, not even Seth. So an accident was out of the question.

How could she get rid of him? As though his death had nothing to do with her?

Glancing around the small, dim living room her mind worked frantically for a solution.

Her gaze landed on his latest fishing magazine and an idea began to form in her mind. As she gathered up his fishing supplies, she wondered if regular everyday fish ate the flesh of humans. She guessed anything was possible. She was a regular everyday housewife, and she’d just murdered her husband.

Twenty minutes later she tossed his rod and reel in the back of his truck along with the tackle box, his favorite lounging chair, his ice chest, and the other things she’d seen him take fishing on occasions.

She walked back into their – her – living room, she stopped where his blood soaked body lay on the deep maroon carpet. It should be easy enough to hide the stain until she could ‘remodel’ her house… or sell it.

“Guess that color was a good idea after all.”

After several attempts to drag his body outside, Suki released her hold on Seth’s shoulders. Only five feet from where his body had fallen, she let his head plop against the floor. She’d never get him out the door, much less anywhere in his truck. She hadn’t anticipated his large frame when she’d decided on this plan.

A lump formed in her throat and tears burned against her lids, as she fell into a crumbled mess onto the floor near Seth’s body. When the police saw his truck loaded for a fishing trip that would make anything she said more suspicious. She’d never be able to pull this off. The end was coming. The only thing left for her to do was call the police herself.

The song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” broke through her sobs. Confused, she stared around.

It’s your cell phone. She finally realized.

“Marissa.” She breathed on a sigh of relief.

It was her best friend, Marissa Evans’, ring tone. Scrambling across the carpet in the direction of the music, she found her purse slung on the couch. As the final notes came close, she dug the small cell phone from its holder and flipped it open. Sobbing, she barely uttered hello.

“What’s going on, Suki? I have this… feeling.” Marissa was always getting feelings. They’d been such good friends for so long they tended to anticipate what each other were feeling. Just hearing Marissa’s voice calmed her enough to think.

“Oh, my God. You’ll never believe…. I mean, it just happened. And now-” The words came out rushed. Suki barely understood them.

“I’m on my way.”

Suki wanted – no, she needed – Marissa with her, but that wasn’t best for Marissa. “No. I…. You can’t come over. I’ve done something terrib-”

“Suki. You’re in it, I’m in it. To the end. I’m on my way.”

Before Suki could argue any further, the phone was dead.

As dead as Seth. But the phone she could bring back. She could call Marissa back. Refuse to allow her to come over. She could call the cops and have them here before Marissa could show up. Her options were huge as far as the dead cell phone went. But she did nothing. She sat there, phone still clutched in her hand, five minutes later when Marissa showed up.

Not bothering to knock, Marissa charged in the room.

Two hours later, both women covered in a mixture of blood and mud, Suki knew what the true meaning of the word ‘friend’ was.

Okay now, ladies and gents... rush over to Tessa's blog and read the other entries... they are bound to be murderous fun! :-)

Tuesday, July 13

Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked... And a Note about Tin House Books.

Another snippet from No Shame for the Wicked. This (unedited) scene is after Luc and Olivia "met". Luc just saved her from Titus, and they are fleeing into the country... The first bit is a leftover from the previous scene and it's in Luc's POV... after *** It's in Olivia's POV

Forgive my less then imaginative intro... my little hellion - that would be my 3 year old daughter :D - is proceeding to scream at my 16 year old for not bowing to her every whim. :D My brain isn't in "writer mode". It's stuck in "Mommy mode".

On to the teaser...

“So,” he turned in his seat to face her, resting one hand along the back of the seat, the other against the steering wheel. It was high time for some truths. At least ones she knew. “What is your last name, Olivia?”

“If I answer yours, you have to answer mine.” She stuck her hand out towards him. “Deal?”

Not ready for her to learn all about him, he kept his hands resting where they were, and simply nodded. “Deal.”

She looked offended, but quickly dismissed the hurt. “Rinehart.”

Son of a bitch. Olivia was Ruby Rinehart’s daughter. In the flesh, feet from him, the missing daughter of one of the most powerful Luri Keepers this world had ever known. Yep, his luck sucked.

And now he knew why Titus was after her as well.

Damn The Order.


“Now it’s my turn.” Olivia watched as rage lit through his eyes, scaring the hell out of her. Why her last name would bring out that reaction, she couldn’t guess. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

“What’s your question?” He asked as though she was inconveniencing him with her question.

“How the hell did you know my real name?”

“There’s a lot about you that I know, Olivia.”

Her name on his lips sounded like a lovers kiss. She forced her mind away from his tempting lips and focused on his words.

“How? How do you know me?”

“That’s not a conversation to have in a parking lot, with Titus possibly tailing us. We need to go somewhere safe. I need to call my boss and then I can answer more of your questions.”

The way he stumbled over the word boss gave her pause. What did his boss have to do with her? Much less know anything about her?

His gaze raked over her face, his eyebrows drawn in concentration for several seconds. “Can you trust me, Olivia? For the time being?”

“Do I have a choice?”

He smiled apologetically at her before he silently turned in his seat.


Olivia, That Rebel with a Blog has a very interesting post on her blog about Tin House Books accepting unsolicited submissions if you have a receipt... If your looking for agent, or publisher, run over to her blog and read her post.

Monday, July 12

Author Interview @CTW: Tessa Conte

Over the last two weeks, as with the next two weeks, we've dedicated our Author Interviews to those members of CTW. Courtney and Margaret has been interviewed, and I interviewed Tessa Conte, from Tessa's Blurb over the weekend.

Tessa's interview was posted today at Critique_This_WIP, so head over there and see the inner-workings of her mind. Make sure to check back each Monday for more Author interviews. And, of course, if you'd like to be interviews (published and un-published author's alike) just shoot a email to critiquethiswip @ gmail dot com or drop a comment letting us know.

Now, remember: next Monday (July 19th) Courtney will interview Jill. The week after (July 26th) Jill will interview me. Let us know if you wanna be put in the "spotlight". :D

Sunday, July 11

Tagged: What's in My Bag?

I’ve been tagged by the uber-sweet Elizabeth to reveal what’s in my bag...

It looks all nice and neat on the outside, yes? Let's look at the inside...

Really, it doesn’t look any better when it’s inside my purse. This is very little compared to normal. So, I’ll try to make a little sense out of the mayhem you’re staring at…

Always, always is my little notebook and pen for jotting down tidbits for writing… be it an idea, thought, character saying… whatever strikes me. Then there’s my mouse and adapter for my laptop that I have to keep in my purse since my daughter likes to play with it. Then my iPhone, its charger/computer cord and earphones for when I need to block out the world. There’s two sets of keys, one set goes to my car and the other to my son’s car. Since I haven’t gotten to my daughter’s baby-book yet I’m still carrying around her ER bracelet and after-care instructions… man, I really to get it done. The rat-tail comb is for my daughter, when we’re out and about and her pigtails come out, it’s a vital necessity to have on hand. But the thick rubber-band is for me. I cannot eat without having my hair pulled out of my face, so I keep one on stand-by…. Hmmm… let see… that leaves my wallet – with the sonic receipt stuck too it (it has a survey that gives you a free drink), sunglasses – only one pair this time… usually I have at least two one for me, one for my daughter, and Midol (mine), buttpaste (daughter’s), and tweezers.

It seems the larger the bag I carry, the more junk that’s crammed in it. Lately I’ve been taking to just carrying my wallet, phone and keys unless I’ll be gone for more then a few hours.

Okay, I’ve shared the nitty-gritty of my purse/bag…. Now I’ll tag……


Feel free to share with me and my readers what’s in your bag… come on, don’t be shy! :D

Friday, July 9

Friday Fiction @ CTW: Scene 14

Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Today is Friday Fiction over at CTW (Critique_This_WIP)... and, guess who was the lucky writer today!

Yup! It was me!!! YAY!

I've been excited all week about getting to write the Friday Fiction @ CTW. When Margaret left off last week, Shane and Erica had just had a sensual moment during a leg cramp and decided to camp out in the Arizona desert (of course, that's because he torched her RV with a dead body inside!). So, today's finally Friday... And I got to post my scene!

Shane stared at the stars from his make-shift bed, feet from Erica. Desire burned deep inside him, urging him to simply close the distance and take her in his arms.

Hell, a little coaxing on his part - a touch here, a caress there, a few whispered words - and she'd fall into his arms willingly enough. Since that one insane moment when that sexy little moan escaped her lips he'd been plunged into a fantasy of "What if".

He folded his hands behind his head, using them for a pillow. The graze on his shoulder, freshly bandaged after they ate, offered a weak protest when his muscles bunched beneath his head.

He might be a con-artist, but he wasn't a complete shmuck. Erica's life had been turned upside down because she was kind enough to give him a ride. He didn't feel like wearing World's Biggest Asshole on his forehead. Not twice in one day, anyways.

"This isn't going to work, ya know."

He turned to face her. Head propped up by her hand, she lay facing him on her own bedding. the dying fire danced across her skin, giving it a deep golden glow.

"What's that?" He asked.

"You. Me." She paused, her gaze glanced around their campsite. "With all this... distance between us."............................................

Yes, I know I'm a tease... but is Erica?

Rush over to CTW and read the rest!

And remember... leave comments... that way we know you were there! :)

Ah, and PS:
CTW is hosting a Tuesday Tag now... if you want to participate (can you say free advertising for your blog!!!) and write a installment for it, just drop a comment on the blog or shot an email to critiquethiswip @ gmail dot com.

Thursday, July 8

Thursday Ticket: Editing & How I Hate It....

If you’re anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with editing. You love it, because it allows you to polish your work. Make it shine! You hate it, because you have to polish your work. Make it shine!

I’m one of those types of people that can not read the same book over and over again. For me, once I’ve read a book… that’s it. I’m done with it. Very, very few books can hold my interest and/or surprise me enough to make me want to go back and read them again. Karen Templeton’s “What A Man’s Gotta Do”, VC Andrews (Ruby and Cathy’s series and My Sweet Audrina), and a couple others that I can’t name right off hand are the only books to ever make me reread them.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy most of the books I’ve read. There have been countless books that I’ve been completely unable to put down, they were THAT good. From start to finish, I’ll read them in one sitting. And I’ll rush out to the store to buy up anything that author has out! But, once I get the book read. That’s it. I’m generally done.

Can you see where I’m going here?

So I’ve reread MY book about ten times. And each time I change it, a little. Words: here and there. Sentences: deleted or added. And so on… but in essence, I’ve read my book at least ten times. And my creativity is feeling it! My muse is about done with me, I know.

She’s crying out to be unleashed on something new. To tackle something fresh and fun, instead of the same book we’ve been working on for the last… ohhh… eight (8) months. She’s even tempting me with bits for books that would make No Shame for the Wicked the first book in a series.

Of course, I was kind of hoping that last pass through of edits would be the last of them. But, Jill- a fellow CTW-er critiqued my chapter one and pointed out some very good points. One main one being… I abuse the hell out of –ly and –ing!

Apparently (ha! –ly) I had 238 words with –ing and 80 with –ly in that one chapter!! I know! Right! How horrible am I?

Aside from the horrible writer that makes me… you know what else it means?

Yep… You guessed it. More editing. More rewriting! More reading!

I’m sure by the time I get No Shame edited and ready to be submitted, my muse will no longer be speaking with me. I’ll just have to suck up to her with some major brownies and coffee. She can’t stay mad at me. She loves me. Regardless of what she says.

And all of that is why I’d rather just do it right the first time. Now, if my brain and my muse would come together and make that happen. Until then… I’m stuck editing! :)

What things help you get through the editing process? Are you an abuser of –ly & -ing?

Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked

Last Tuesday, at the end of my Eclipse Review (just cause I couldn't help myself!) I posted a small snippet introducing you to Luc - my protagonist from No Shame for the Wicked. So, this week I'll introduce you to Olivia, my heroine.

Olivia is inside The Golden Pony, the strip club where she works. It's her last night, and she's looking for the owner, Sal, to get paid and get the hell out of there. When she spots him...

Sal's bulky silhouette and bald head drew her attention across the crowd. He wasn't alone. The blonde man speaking to Sal towered over him by several inches. His hair hung in a smooth curtain that brushed against his trim waist. He was striking, with his perfect features and pale skin set against the all black clothing he sported.

Olivia had never been one to be attracted to blonde men or men with long hair, but this man deserved another glance. Or ten.

His posture was confident, shoulders parallel to the floor, and his strong chin angled just enough to be borderline cocky as though the world, and everyone in it, were his to control. Even from this distance his features were flawless. Too perfect. He looked as though he stepped from the pages of GQ - if they did a Goth version.

As smoking hot as this guy was, he reeked of danger.

That, unfortunately, was just the type of guy she generally fell for.

Olivia kept her ass planted on the bar stool and decided to wait until the men were finished talking before she approached Sal. She preferred to keep her distance from the blonde man wearing black leather pants that screamed of heavenly sin.

Honestly, who still wore black leather pants? And how did this man manage to make them sexy again?

Sexy, sexy. Dangerous, dangerous.

She watched the two men interact. Tried to pry her eyes away from Sal's visitor, but they stayed locked on to him - which only made her madder. An unseen force held her captive, helpless to do anything but stare. A mixture of intrigue and annoyance filled her with each movement. From the shake of his head that sent his hair shimmering in the lights to the wide grin that crossed his face when he shook Sal's hand - she was helpless to turn away, and slightly turned on.

Sal trotted off towards his office, leaving his visitor standing alone. Just as he turned his eyes skipped across the crowded room and locked on Olivia's open stare.

Ice cold shivers traced a path down her spine.

Definitely not the good kind of shivers, either. This kind screamed at her to say the hell with the money Sal owed her and run far away from The Golden Pony and that guy.

Sunday, July 4

Saturday inSanity: Lingering Effects, Birthday Party, Chapter Edits & Gettin My Groove Back.

I'm in a funk. Not a "writer's block" kind of funk. Just a "where-the-hell-has-my-creativity-gone" kind of funk.

Yes, I'm a day late on my inSanity post. It's my blog and I'll procrastinate if I wanna. :-)~

And, I wanna'd.

I've actually been struggling with Chapter Four edits of No Shame for the Wicked. I noticed a gap in the story where something "should have" happened, but didn't. So I'm having to add it. And for some awful reason, I can't get in my groove.

I don't know if it's the lingering effects of this stomach bug or if it's just with the holiday weekend (which is also my daughter's birthday) that has my mind so preoccupied. No matter what I do, I can't get my mind to pull together the scene for Chapter Four.

I know what the scene is about, where it's going, and -basically- how to get there. But when I sit down behind the keyboard my fingers refuse to move and my mind goes completely blank on how to get there.

I tried working with some writing prompts to get my creative juices flowing. That stalled out.

I went to Dr.Wicked's Write or Die page. I set it on Kamikaze Consequences with Evil Grace Period for 500 words in twenty minutes. About fifty words in.... yep, you guessed it. Blank. Nada. I couldn't even stumble my way through a few more words. I was rewarded with a haze of red eating up my measly little fifty words. And couldn't bring myself to care. I knew they sucked.

I figure my creativity is just sacked out from not using it for days while I was sick. Or maybe it's just on a mini-vacation because I've been obsessed with getting my daughter's party going with how I'm going to do fireworks this year.

Whatever the case, I decided to lay off my chapter edits and to work on Friday Fiction (FF) for my group...

And after a bumpy start, surprise of all shocks... I have gotten most of my scene wrote. I'll have to skim through it for edits and such, but I'm super excited to get it posted! And I'm still toying with how to end it... but at least I accomplished something, right!?

Now I'm left trying to figure out why I could come up with a scene out of thin air, but can't manage to write one I already know.

Have you found yourself able to write, just not what needed to be wrote? How do you get out of funks? Does Write or Die help you? Writing prompts?

Thursday, July 1

Thursday Ticket: Word Count for Submissions

Here it is, Thursday night, and I haven't posted for my scheduled "Thursday Ticket" before now. Well, to be honest, I'll be cheating a little tonight, too.

The three oldest members of my house has come down with some stomach bug (my husband, myself, and my son) and I just haven't felt like sitting behind a computer screen at all today. I forced myself to work through a few pages of edits on Chapter Four of No Shame. Other than that... nada. So, please forgive that this will be the shortest - and quite possibly the worst - blog post of all time. :)

As for Word Count on your MS/WIP.

I did ask a question at eHarlequin about a rumor I've recently heard about word count. Are we to still use the method of "250 words a page" or do we use Word's actual word count?

The old way was multiple steps to set up your page to get as close to 250 words a page as possible. Because of my icky feeling, well... my brain just ain't coming up with the steps. And, to be honest, I've had Word set up to automatically start every document "250 Words" ready.

Wayne was gracious enough to answer - at least through eHarlequin's standards. It's out with the old and in with the new. eHarlequin, as well as several other publishers, from my understanding, are no longer looking at MS's as each page consisting of 250 words. Now they use actual computer word counts.

What this means for formatting a MS, I'm still unclear on. I figure... I'll still format in the "old" way, and just use Word's numbers instead of the "assumed" ones. I like the way the MS looks with the indents, spacing, and alignment. It just looks crisper and more professional. So unless I stumble across new "formatting" guidelines, I'll just stick with the old.

Has anyone heard about new formatting guidelines?

Tuesday, June 29

Eclipse Review/Tuesday Teaser: No Shame for the Wicked

I had my snippet from No Shame for the Wicked to post for today's Tuesday Teaser. But, I was so thoroughly impressed by Eclipse that I decided to break the rules just a bit and do a review of Eclipse for my Teaser. Who hasn't read the book? I figure most anyone into the Twilight Saga has, but for those that hasn't... I won't ruin anything.

Eclipse is, by far, the best of the Twilight Saga. In my opinion.

Edward is his usual charming, gorgeous self but managed to creep me out a whole lot less. Jasper takes a bigger role in Eclipse (about time!!), how Rosalie turned is told, and - don't faint here, or anything - even Bella (actress & character) annoyed me far less then ever. I think the best thing Eclipse has going for it -beside the romance, of course - is all the action they packed into the film.

And action scenes are plenty in Eclipse. With the opening scene completely different then Twilight and New Moon. It opens with "Victoria" hunting Riley and turning him before rolling to Bella's narrative. I thought this was a nice change up.

Then there's the scene where the Cullen's chase Victoria to Quileute land, where the werewolves get involved. Victoria jumping from one side of the creek (?) to the next - hopping from Cullen's territory to the wolves - ending when Emmett leaps across the water after Victoria and is stopped cold by wolves. Allowing Victoria to flee.

Once the werewolves join the Cullen's in the upcoming battle against the "Newborns", Jasper takes the lead in teaching them how to fight newborn vamps. This action scene is good for entrainment, a few chuckles, and a sweet little kiss between Jasper and Alice. (I love Jasper and Alice. They are so adorable together!!!)

One of my favorite scenes in Eclipse is when Edward, Bella, and Jacob in the tent. The interaction between Jacob and Edward is heart-breaking and heart-warming, all at the same time. I am now, as I've always been, a Team "Both". Though I knew it was coming, I was still peeved when Bella and Jacob kissed.

Other action scenes involving the newborns include: Riley trying to control them/educate them, the final confrontation with the Cullen's and werewolves. You can't forget the Volturri, who make a small appearance mid-movie and show up after all but one of the newborns are dead.

There's enough action in Eclipse it can easily become a movie that even menfolk would be inclined to watch without whining - much. :)

One thing that did rub me the wrong way about the movie was the fact that a different actress played as Victoria. This may be common knowledge, but I'm not the kind of Twilight-er that follows every tid-bit of news religiously. I read the books, I anticipate the movies, but that's it. That's as far as my obsession with the Twilight Saga goes. Changes in actor/actresses is one of my biggest pet peeves... which is probably why I can't stand Soap Opera's. :)

All in all, I can not wait for this movie to come to DVD. And I'll just have to appease myself with going to the theaters as often as possible to watch it until the day comes when I can bring the disc home.


Okay, I can't leave you without a snippet from No Shame for the Wicked... I promised it, so here's a tiny snippet! This is actually chapter one, page one. It's not in it's final edits or been run by the ladies at CTW, but it gives you an insight into Luc, my protagonist.

Luc VanDarr leaned his shoulder against the brick and mortar, his low body temperature shielding him against the frigid cold. Silently tracking the couple's movements as they exited Spur's with his eyes, his heart filled with vengeance. Hatred and rage surged through his veins, making standing silent and still nearly impossible.

He would find Titus. He didn't care what it took, or how long. No matter the cost, Titus was a dead man now that Luc's fifty-year exile had been lifted. The only thing that kept him from going crazy on that frozen chunk of wasteland Santra had dumped him on had been the knowledge that he would be back to make Titus pay.

Closing his eyes, he kept the images of Gloria out of his mind and back on the mission at hand. The fact of that matter was he couldn't kill Titus today. The sneaky bastard was well hidden, but Luc could kill as many of Titus' kind on the path to tracking him. Otherwise, The Order would likely dispense of Luc all together.

That thought didn't bother him as long as they let him extract his revenge first.

Sunday, June 27

One Lovely Blog Award.... And My New Schedule.

First, and so much more fun then stinkin' schedules.....

Yay! Another award. Thanks to the lovely Tessa @ Tessa's Blurb for this lovely blog award! Yeah, I know. I'm corny. It happens when I get gifts/awards. You should see what happens when I receive a diamond. :)

As with all awards comes the rules for One Lovely Blog Award...

1.Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her/his blog.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered.
3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

My list of 15...
1. Olivia @ That Rebel with a Blog
2.Julie Musil
3.Melissa @
4. A Muse In My Pocket
6.L'Aussie @ L'Aussie Writing
7.Theresa @ Substitute Teacher's Saga
8. Kathis @ Kathis's Writing Nook
9. Angie @ Notes From the Writing Chair
10. Ashelynn @ World Of My Own
11.Stu @ Stusplace
12. Kristen @ Take It As It Comes
13, 14, & 15 goes to my fellow CTW-ers @ Critique_This_WIP , Margaret @ Musings, and Courtney Reese.

Of course Tessa is one of my CTW-er's. Thanks, again, Tessa!!

* Yes, I know five is blank. But I went to everyone's blogs and posted they had an award here. So if you got a post from me but don't see your name above, let me know so I can fix it. Some how my links got all kooky and I'm having to fix them... What can I say? Blogger hates me! :) LOL!!

Okay... beautiful award out of the way... Now for the schedule(s).

Starting Tuesday, July 5th we'll be hosting a Tuesday Tag on at our group blog, Critique_This_WIP.

The first five Tuesdays will be one of us five members, then we turn the reigns over to a new blogger each week. (What a great way to get more traffic to your blogs! Make sure to stop by CTW, become a follower - cause, let's admit it... in the blogger world, following is cool - and post comments!!)

That following Friday (the 9th) will be my first post at CTW. Which just happens to be our Friday Fiction!!! Yeah, bundle of nerves here! It'd be great if I see a few friendly faces over there. *hint, hint* :)

Both of those statements bring me to my next.

I'm going to give this "Schedule" thing a try on my blog. I may like it. I may not. It might last... It might not. For now, though, this will be my new posting schedule starting Tuesday, June 29th (I can't start it tomorrow because I'm Eclipse obsessed!).

Tuesday Teasers: Snippet from one of my WIP's.

Thursday Ticket: Any writing related topic. Such as my - one of these days - upcoming Grammar Basics will be posted on this day.

Saturday inSanity: I'm "thinking" of doing book reviews, author reviews, etc on this date. It's called inSanity because I'm just really not sure what I'll write about on this day. It may be just a random bipolar grip-fest. :-|

And I may pop in randomly to post on one of my off days. You just never know.

So, now I'm off to let everyone above know they've been given another award. :)

Friday, June 25

Writing Outlines & Synopsis: Can't You Just Shoot Me Now?

Me and the ladies over at CTW have decided to write an outline or synopsis to our WIPs to make critiquing them easier for everyone.

What a great idea, right!

It will help our group point out when we veer off into unknown territory. And - since there are five ladies in our group, some of us with two WIPs - it will greatly aide in reminding the critiquer what our/this story is about - should we get confused on which WIP we're dealing with. Highly likely with me. :)

Having an outline or synopsis is just a great addition to our group... but I loathe writing both of them. Writing them makes me feel like I'm back in middle schoool writing a book report.

Despising outlines and synopsis' to such a great degree, I figured... there had to be a some kind of tips and tricks to ease the pain of writing something so unbelievably BORING!

I didn't find any "outstanding" ideas, tips, or tricks. But, I did learn more on the differences between an outline and a synopsis.

Outline: Basically a scene-by-scene breakdown, chapter-by-chapter. You describe each the scene's three purposes, the motivation of the scene, as well as the scene resolution.

Synopsis: An overview of your characters, conflicts, tone and setting of your novel. In my opinion, synopsis allows you more creativity to narrow your pride and joy to only a couple of pages. Synopsis' are generally between two to ten page. Agents and/or Publishers tend to ask for synopsis more often then Outlines.

My interpretation of it is this: Outlines are a break down of the plot with a small dash of your character's traits and Synopsis is more character driven with plot as the driving force, so to speak. Both still seem like "book reports" of your novel, just different angle's of it.

And what has learning the true difference between outline and synopsis taught me???

I should write both... an outline and synopsis. Though a lot more work will be involved, I think presenting both opportunities to my critique partners will give them more options and a better advantage.

What tips or tricks help you write an outline or synopsis? Which do you find less intimidating?

Wednesday, June 23

Super Good News: Not Writing Related!! With a Bit of A Tirade Involved.

One of our local radio stations was giving away tickets to the premiere of Eclipse for Monday, June 28th. Now, I general only listen to radio stations when I'm in my car. Otherwise, I'm a iPod listener. My mother, on the other hand, listens all day at work.

I wasn't even aware of the Eclipse giveaway.

So, go back a couple of days ago.

I slept in late - 11am late - and woke to find a voicemail from my mother.

"Call me back, Sis. I have something to tell you I think you'll be really happy about." Childlike excitement colored her voice.

I was still half asleep. Still had that groggy voice, and I don't think both eyes were actually open.Vision in my left eye was still blurred, and all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and sleep for another couple hours. But I hadn't heard my mother get that happy - especially on a voicemail - in to long to remember.

So I called her back. Hearing my voice she instantly knew I was still half-asleep. But her news woke me up instantly!

"I just won you four tickets to watch the premiere of Eclipse on the 28th!"

Even my still-asleep brain recognized that this was TWO DAYS earlier then the release date! I woke up, practically screaming in her ear "Really? The 28th??"

My mom's not a Twilighter. She's never even seen or read a single title of the saga. But she is a contest junkie. Her perseverance has won ever contest she's entered except the one for tickets to that Hannah Montana thing for my nieces.

Why I'm so hooked on those movies is completely beyond me. It's like they have subliminal messages hidden into the scenes that makes it impossible to walk away. Okay, in reality, I know what it is. I'm a sucker for love stories.

But that's not all.

I mean, Bella annoys the hell out of me. Not only the character Bella Swan but Kristin Stewart annoys me as well. Every three seconds she's shaking her head. It's like the mass of her acting skills is tied in with her neck muscles. Never mind that she's suicidal (Is that really what we need to be teaching teenage girls? The man you love leaves you, just kill yourself. It'll be okay. He'll come running back to you!).

And, really... what the hell was up in New Moon when she practically refused to meet Edwards eyes, instead focusing her gaze on his mouth? Then once things start getting "iffy" with Jacob... imagine that! She starts looking at his mouth when she's talking to him. Like she's some unworthy, subordinate 1930's little woman that isn't worthy of looking a man in the eye? Really? And where the hell is this girls self-confidence? Grrr!!

And Edward! Well... in Twilight he was leaning hard on some stalker tendencies, and in New Moon he, too, turned suicidal. I get the "romantic" gesture behind them both not wanting to live without the other, but is that what our teenagers need to be watching? We, as adults, are stable enough - generally! LOL :) - to know that Stephanie Meyer, Melissa Rosenburg, and David Slade are NOT promoting suicide. But the books and movies aren't aimed for adults.

Of course, I don't believe that anyone tied to the Twilight Saga is any more responsible for what kids would chose to do then I believe that video games turn kids into killers. Parents that are actively involved in their kids lives are what dictates how a child behaves. You have to give your kids someone to look up too. Someone real, not fictional, that has a firm grasp on reality and the consequences of actions.

Okay, I got on a bit of a tirade there, but all the b*tching aside. I am super excited to go see the movie! I know... you can't tell, right? Hey, I am bipolar after all. I'm entitled to have my conflicting opinions! LOL

*dancing in circles while singing* "I get to see Eclipse two days early!"


Monday, June 21

Home Away from Home: Critique_This_WIP

Last week I entered into Critique_This_WIP's contest to find new members for their critique group.

At least, I think it was last week. It's late, my eyes are heavy, and my brain isn't functioning as it should... it may have been longer, it may have been shorter. Not really sure.

At any rate, rambling-ness aside, I entered and was accepted.

Yay, me!!!!

That is part of the reason I've been a little MIA over this weekend. I'm seting up a twitter account, starting another facebook page and trying to work on my WIP as much as possible.

So, you can find me, as well as four other talented ladies, on the CTW blog. Just click the photo above and bookmark the blog.

All of this has made me realize... I need to reorganize my life to make this work. Some of you may have no trouble keeping up with two blogs, a twitter, and facebook accounts while still writing. But I know me. I like distractions. I love them. Must be the A.D.D in me... I don't know.

I have to stay on a pretty tight schedule. So, in the near future I may be doing what I've seen other blogs do and schedule certain days for certain types of posts. I've really grown fond of the "Teaser Tuesday", so that will likely end up as one of my days. As for the rest, I really don't know. I'll be posting at CTW one day a week, so I'll want to post on my blog on the other days. Until I get the schedule down my posts may be sporadic. Please bear with me until then.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, though I'll be very boring until I get the hang of it. As soon as I have my facebook page completely set up I'll add it to my sidebar as well.

Okay, I think I covered it all. If not, I'll post a comment.

Sunday, June 20

Bad Boy Blogfest

Thanks to Tina at Sweet Niblets for hosting the Bad Boy Blogfest...

My scene is from one of my early novels with Hunter (who captured my heart and still has a piece of it to this day). He's a bad boy turned cop who is in love with Mariah, though he still believes she is too good for him. This is the first time they've laid eyes on one another in ten years. Mariah is on the phone with her mother when her doorbell rings. Thinking it's her friend, she flings the door open only to find....

Mariah blinked. Once. Twice. A third time, as the phone slipped from her shoulder to clatter on the tile.

“Hunter.” But Hunter Collins continued to stare at her from the opposite side of her glass screen door. Fear surged through her body. Oh, please God, no!

* * *

Hunter saw the flash of fear in her eyes, even through the glass and steel door. Her eyes never wavered from his face, yet they never quit reached his eyes.

“Can we come in?”

As if in a daze, she retrieved the phone from the floor. That alone a testament to her shock of seeing Hunter.

As if the fear in her eyes hadn’t been enough. I mean, honestly, had he done anything to put that fear there?

Fear? No. Betrayal, hurt, pain… hell, even anger, he was guilty of, but fear?
After mumbling quick, hushed tones into the phone she glanced over Hunter’s shoulder, finally seeing his partner Lanie Meyers.

“What do you want?” Her soft voice turning harsh at the end.

“Ms. Sullivan? I’m Homicide Detective Meyers, and this is Detective Collins. May we come in?”

Meyers knew that Hunter and Mariah had a past. What kind of past was a mystery to her, but he understood her desire to state their official names and ranks, though she left out that she was Lead Detective.

The color drained from her face. “H-homicide? Is there something wrong?”

“We’re not sure, ma’am. That’s what we need to talk to you about.”

Mariah opened the door, with one final glare in Hunter’s direction. “Come in. But you’ll have to make it fast. I was on my way out the door.”

The home was exactly how Hunter would imagine Mariah’s home to be. Classy, clean, and comfortable.

The living room furniture was simple. Beige couch with matching love seat took up one corner, flanked by wood end tables on each side. Over-stuffed pillows with beige, red, and gold where positioned on the couch and loveseat. And he’d bet money if he moved on a fraction of an inch it would only take Mariah long enough for his body to move before she straightened it out.

Yet the decorations and knick-knacks gave it a touch of elegance. A large country scenery picture hung behind the couch, the frame trimmed in gold, on either side hung gold candleholders with plain white long-stemmed candles.

Mariah walked to the loveseat. “Please. Set down.” She indicated the couch.
Hunter studied Mariah for several seconds while she offered them something to drink. Both, he and Meyers declined.

Once everyone was seated, Mariah wasted no time in getting to why they were setting in her house.

“What can I do for you?” Mariah directed her question at Meyers.

He understood this was how it was too be. He would be ignored unless he directly spoke. But seeing Mariah again had jumbled his thoughts so much, he needed time to recoup. He thought he’d prepared himself all the way over here. Apparently lying to himself wasn’t exactly a hardship, neither was lying to his partner when she asked repeatedly if he was okay with questioning Ms. Mariah Sullivan before arriving.

“Do you recognize this picture?” Meyers handed the plastic protected photograph.
For the second time in less then five minutes, Hunter watched the color drain from Mariah’s face. “Yes. I know the picture. Why? Where did you get it?”

“Is this a picture that has been in your possession? Or is this a picture, say a friend had?”

“It…” she cleared her throat, the color returning to her cheeks. “It’s one of my pictures. You didn’t answer where you got it.” She returned the picture to Meyers.

“We found it at a crime scene this morning, Ms. Sullivan.”

Her hands fluttered to her neck.

Such a slender, sexy neck –

Hunter forced his thoughts away from that line of thinking and forced himself to get back to business. “Is it possible for someone else to have a copy?”

“I don’t see how. It was in my photo album not more than six weeks ago.”

“Would you mind looking and seeing if it’s still there?”

“Of course.”

As soon as she left the room Meyers turned to Hunter. Though she didn’t say a word, he knew that look.

“I was caught off guard. It’s fine.”

“We have some talking to do when we leave here.” Meyers informed him seconds before Mariah walked back in the room.

“I have no doubt in my mind about that.” He knew it was coming, the moment he froze up and got lost in never, never land.

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Friday, June 18

Breaking All the Rules Blogfest

Another great Blogfest (this one hosted by the very sweet and talented Elizabeth Mueller ) over @Breaking all the Rules…

So here’s my entry, a snippet that never received a name (It’s simply saved as Michael… yes, crude… but simple). Anything older is saved on floppy's and I have no way of accessing them...

I need to throw them away, you say? Hush your mouth. Them's my babies!

This bit actually came to me as an “idea” when I sat out on my porch during a spring storm here in Oklahoma. I named my Hero (Michael) but never got around to naming the Heroine.

Of course, after I wrote out this idea it stalled out and never amounted to anything more then taking up a few KB’s on my hard drive. It’s fairly short (only a little over 700 words).

The temperatures had decreased to bone chilling factors. The mid-day sky had darkened to a hazy gray with an almost black horizon. The few trees in the field bent to the winds brutal demand. Her hair slapped at her face viciously, as the leaves rustled fiercely. As suddenly as the wind begun, it had stopped, and in the eerie silence she could hear her rapid breathing.

Big raindrops feel from the sky, slowly at first then turning to a sudden downpour that plastered her clothes to her like an extra layer of skin. Her face and hair was drenched in a matter of seconds. She felt droplets run down her face leaving a trail. It felt as if bony fingertips made of ice had caressed her. The air had changed from the fresh smell of rain and grass to an almost wood burning smell.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. She jerked as her eyes instinctively closed causing her to release Michael’s hand.

“Michael!” Fear seized her insides.

Thunder vibrated around her, drowning out her cry, and actual shook her physically.

“I’m here.” He grasped her hand again, and continued to tug her along after him.

A sound penetrated all others, and she could’ve sworn her heart completely stopped.

A freight train.

“Run!” Michael yelled.

She knew it couldn’t be an actual freight train. But she knew what it must be. All her life she’d heard stories that tornado’s sounded like trains when they were close to you. Now, she knew it was true. That was going to be the last sound she ever heard. That horrible whining sound.

“We have to find cover!” He’d yelled but she still had to strain to hear him.

Running as fast as her legs allowed her too a force slammed into her shoulder. She stumbled with the impact, but Michael never released her hand. To scared to look back, she kept her feet moving. It was getting harder to catch her breath and it felt as if something was jabbing her side, but still she ran. What ripped through the trees and fields behind them promised to be far deadlier then little aches and pains.

“There!” He yelled.

She tired to see what had captured his attention, but it had become impossible to see through her hair, the wind, and rain.

Seconds later she crashed into his back and that’s when she saw what was to be their shelter. A square cement opening that was partially covered by grass lay in near the road they had come upon. There was no telling what was in that hole, or how deep it was, but she was more then willing to chance that then the tornado that was coming.

Michael jumped in first. His entire body had disappeared in the black depth. “Hurry, jump!”

Not giving it another seconds thought, she sat on the edge and jumped inside the dark hole. Her body contacted with his and he instantly pushed her lower to the bottom. Her hands came in contact with something slimy and damp. Smothering a scream, she forced herself to not jump from the entity.

Michael wrapped his wide body on top of hers, burying her head beneath his chest. He smelled of earth, rain, and sweat.

“Whatever happens, keep your head tucked down.” He guided her hands to a round cold object.

A metal pipe, she guessed.

“And do not let go!”

She pulled her body as close to the pipe and hugged it to her chest as firmly as she could. She felt Michael press into her back, sandwiching her between him and the pipe.

The wind and debris had found its way into their sanctuary. Objects hit her arms and hands painfully, even as Michael’s body shielded hers.

All the while that horrifying sound grew louder and closer. She squeezed her eyes shut.

Please, let us make it through this. Please!

“I love you, Michael.” She whispered, fear controlling the volume of her voice.

Moments later the sound dissipated and the wind died down, but she kept her grip on the pipe until she felt Michael’s body relax as well. He unwrapped himself from the protective cover and pulled her to face him.

He stated simply. “I heard that.” And kissed her trembling lips.

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